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I don't have VCD White Book here but AFAIK does it
allow for other files to be on the CD. What would be
really great to have a -vcd|-svcd option so that cd
plays in VCD/DVD player and on computer with emovix.
Did not test this yet but sounds great to me... I'd be
willing to help...


  • Roberto De Leo

    Roberto De Leo - 2003-12-07
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  • Roberto De Leo

    Roberto De Leo - 2003-12-07

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    It sounds nice and it would be vey easy to add such an option.
    Let me know if you find any way to burn in the same CD data
    and VCD stuff and I'll send you patched scripts for you to test!

  • Jochen Puchalla

    Jochen Puchalla - 2004-10-26

    Logged In: YES

    I found a good page on this topic:
    So you can write a data track first, and then some
    not-linked video tracks. Don't know if it is possible to
    boot this thing. Most of all, the video tracks are not
    accessible via filesystem.

    So first thing to check is if you can write a bootable cd
    extra with a VCD track after the data (emovix) track
    (possible with k3b?). Then boot this emovix and try to play
    the video track by hand with the mplayer vcd:/ switch on the
    command line.
    If this is possible, we just have to put this into code to
    make it automatically happen, which should not be such a big


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