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One More Month

Unfortunately I wasn't able to develop Mousenitor in the month of April either. I've put too much time into my upcoming game, Alien Invasion. I also haven't seen enough activity around here to convince me to do anything more, so for now, I'm considering this project FROZEN UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Posted by Axonn Echysttas 2011-05-01

Longer delay

Just posting this to let everybody know that Mousenitor 0.4 has been rescheduled for April, due to other projects where I had to invest a lot of time.

Posted by Axonn Echysttas 2011-03-30

Short delay but still kicking!

I'm not quite done with version 0.4 yet. Still have to add a few functionalities and write the first version of the Help File as well as add the Tip Of The Day system. But worry not, it'll be here for sure before the next week is over.

My plan remains to advance Mousenitor with an increment each month, and that means that the month of March will also see version 0.5 launch, especially since it contains fewer updates, compared to 0.4, which is particularly hard because there is a lot to write for the help file.... read more

Posted by Axonn Echysttas 2011-03-02

Version 0.4 in the works

Good news for all users of Mousenitor. I've begun work at version 0.4 of the program ::- ). I'd like to thank Orbidia for the input regarding the program. Although I haven't been able to contact Orbidia via e-mail or SourceForge, know that your words did not fall on deaf ears ::- ). Version 0.4 of Mousenitor will enable you to use the ` key as well as other keyboard buttons which were not supported in version 0.3.4.... read more

Posted by Axonn Echysttas 2011-02-01

Help System

Hi everybody ::- ). I just saw a comment in the Project Reviews area which frustrated me a bit. Some anonymous user reported that a simple functionality which he/she wishes is missing from Mousenitor, which seems too complex for his/her desires. The person wanted just an easy way to enable/disable Mousenitor, and what frustrated me is that THE FUNCTIONALITY EXISTS. You just have to right click the SysTray Icon ::- D.... read more

Posted by Axonn Echysttas 2011-01-20

Version 0.3.4

Version 0.3.4 has been released today, the 9th of January 2011.

This version completes the functionality of 0.3.0 with Mouse Gestures and also adds the Debug Mode, for anybody who would like to help me in tracking down any possible bugs.

A few bug fixes are also present: Windows would not restart/shut down because of Mousenitor. That's fixed now.


Posted by Axonn Echysttas 2011-01-09

First Mousenitor Release

I got a New Year's Eve present for y'all ::- ). It's called Mousenitor and it's something I've been using since... a looong, loooong time ago. Our story starts like any good story: once upon a time, there was a boy who got a second monitor to his computer and immediately started to be annoyed by the way the mouse cursor kept "spilling" over the wrong monitor. But the boy knew how to code, so he started building something to mitigate this issue. Thus, Mousenitor was born.... read more

Posted by Axonn Echysttas 2010-12-31

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