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alpha tester

Hi everyone,

Release of the first testapplication to get the
hardware-freaks satisfied.
You can check if the mouse data is transported
into the 9210.

Already working on a newer version...

eep you posted

Posted by DCAvanderPoel 2001-10-19


"mpc" will print a PCB and test it. I hope it works. Will do some minor changes (type of battery to use...) but I think the most part of the PCB is correct. See http://mouse4com.sourceforge.net/board to take a look at the PCB layout.

Posted by Sascha Kloss 2001-08-18


A directory on the server has been created with the name "/board". It's reachable though "http://mouse4com.sourceforge.net/board" and over the homepage. There is a board for your audience and comments. Check it please. The software used is freeware for Linux and Windows. It can be downloaded from www.cadsoft.de. There'll always be .png graphics, too.

Posted by Sascha Kloss 2001-08-17


Currently, some persons droped me a line and showed interest. Even someone at nokia announced to me that he is developing a similar thing.

Posted by Sascha Kloss 2001-08-16