#249 Testing morphix installer 0.5-2 to 0.5-9

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Pema Geyleg

I tried testing morphix installer(m-i) with the new
Morphix base basemod-2.6.15-2006-03-20_0030.iso using
gnome 2.10 as my main module..
The morphixinstaller version 0.5-2 till 0.5-9 was used
to test installing on the Acer power F1 machine.
I could not make m-i(0.5-2 till 0.5.6) work. It gave
segmentation Fault error as reported in the mailing list.
m-i(0.5-7 and 0.5-8) worked nicely.
Then there was an interesting case with the m-i 0.5-9
where I could make it work one time and then the iso
made with that installer refused to work any more. I
tested it by making different iso (where I reinstalled
it) with the m-i 0.5-9 installer and failed miserably.

I created deb files from the all the m-i (0.5-2 till
0.5-9) source files
after compiling wiht gcc-3.3 and g++-3.3.
I found out that compiling m-i with the gcc-4.0 and g++
4.0 gave segmentation error even with the old base.

I have successfull tested m-i0.5-9 with the
MorphixbBse-0.5-pre5.iso using the gnome 2.10 main module..

The notes on creating the livecd, modification of the
Morphix base and work with the morphix installer can be
found at

Pema Geyleg


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Hi Pema,

    I've gotten multiple reports on this, and have made some slight adjustments
    to the version in SVN. If you can, please test this version and attach the log to
    this bugreport. This would be most helpful in debugging this problem.



  • Alex de Landgraaf

    Logged In: YES

    Adding an MI log from Gabriel, using the SVN version before the changes I
    made yesterday.


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