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Eclipse RSS Reader v2.0.2 released

This release fixes a number of bugs reported (or not) since the previous release. I rewrote the asynchronous update mechanism to use the Eclipse Job API, which makes the update progress more visible to the user. Also, I exposed a base class that makes it easier to implement XSL-based feed translators. Lastly, I included a simple Bugzilla translator, which makes it possible to view Bugzilla query results as well as bug details as RSS.

Posted by Peter Nehrer 2005-03-22

Eclipse RSS Reader v2.0.1 released

In addition to a number of bug fixes, this release provides support for the Atom XML format v0.3, as well as the ability to automatically discover syndicated feeds in web pages. An IzPack installer and developer resource plug-ins are provided as well. To download, please visit .

Posted by Peter Nehrer 2004-10-31

Eclipse RSS Reader now in Eclipse 3.0

An early version of Eclipse RSS Reader based on Eclipse 3.0 has been released as version 2.0.0. When downloading, please look under the rss-e3 package as I plan to keep posting Eclipse 2.1.x-based maintance releases under the original package (rss). Please see the release notes for installation instructions.

Posted by Peter Nehrer 2004-08-10

Eclipse RSS Reader v1.3.0 released

In addition to the usual bug-fixes, this release delivers the ability to explicitly mark selected channel items as read. It also provides a rudimentary Channel Viewer, which will allow you to view the channel and its items in a workbench editor. Note that this does not replace the link browsers, which are used to view the links that the channels and their items represent. Lastly, a skeletal documentation, both user and ISV, has been developed. It will be improved in subsequent releases. Please visit for more details.

Posted by Peter Nehrer 2004-07-09

Eclipse RSS Reader a winner in the ICE contest

The winners of the International Challenge for Eclipse (ICE) contest have been announced, and the Eclipse RSS Reader is one of them! Sponsored by member companies, ICE is the first contest that promotes and awards the development of Eclipse-based plug-ins that can be used for teaching, research or community-building. For more information, visit .

Posted by Peter Nehrer 2004-05-10

Eclipse RSS Reader v1.2.1 released

This release adds the ability to search through RSS channels using the standard Eclipse Search dialog. Readability has also been improved by stripping HTML tags from channel/item titles/descriptions.

Posted by Peter Nehrer 2004-03-17

Eclipse RSS Reader v1.2.0 released

This release contains various improvements of the user interface, such as the ability to only show unread channels and items, as well as core improvements, such as separation of user preference values and cached feed content.

Posted by Peter Nehrer 2004-03-08

Eclipse RSS Reader v1.1.0 released

This release features a custom perspective, persistence of workbench settings across sessions, improved view synchronization, and other bug fixes.

Posted by Peter Nehrer 2004-01-21

Eclipse RSS Reader v1.0.0 released

Initial release of the Eclipse RSS Reader has been published. The features include a uniform channel model supporting a number of source formats, periodic updates from external source, property and preference pages, New Channel wizard as well as a Channel Navigator and Detail views. In this release the reader supports RSS versions 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, 1.0, and 2.0.

Posted by Peter Nehrer 2003-12-29