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MoreUnit 2.4.6 released

-Some bugfixes
- Groovy support
- TestNG support for mock creation
- Support for JMock

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2012-06-28

MoreUnit 2.4.4 released

- better performance
- bugfixes

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2012-04-18

MoreUnit 2.4.1 released

- Fix: stale import statements in test case when changing package of class under test
- Introduces support for mocking frameworks

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2011-03-23

MoreUnit 2.3.0 released

- Package is now shown when user is prompted for selecting a class (Jump and Run actions)
- Fix: exception when moving class to non-source folder
- Fix: exception when jumping action had delay
- Minor fixes

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2011-02-20

MoreUnit 2.2.1 released

- Extension point enhancements
- Extended method search has been improved (better performance and accuracy)
- Different actions for running a single test method or the whole test case
- Better support for TestNG (now runs several test cases at once)

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2010-10-26

MoreUnit 2.1.3 release

Just made this version Java 1.5 compatible again.

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2010-08-12

MoreUnit 2.1.2 released

Fix: added extension point schema to release

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2010-08-01

MoreUnit 2.1.1 releases

- updates for Helios
- enhanced switching (history, when multiple tests)
- extension point improvements

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2010-07-31

MoreUnit 2.0.1 released

- update site p2-enabled
- running tests from class under test

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2010-06-14

MoreUnit 1.3.1 released

- Prefix for testmethod names is now configurable.
- Marker in the editor can be configured via preferences
- Bugfixes

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2009-03-22

MoreUnit 1.2.0 released

New features:
- better TestNG support for testcase creation wizard
- package rename > tests get moved to new package name
- Bugfixing

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2009-01-04

MoreUnit 1.0.2 released

New features:
- project specific settings
- TestNG support
- move refactoring support
- better matching for class under test
- some bugfixes

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2008-02-16

MoreUnit 0.8.1 released

MoreUnit now offers a view to show the missing test methods of the open java file.
New configuration on the preference page for flexible testcase naming (if you enable this feature and for example use "Test" as suffix for testcases MoreUnit will detect as testcase too).

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2007-02-25

Version 0.7.0 released

Several Bugfixes. Take a look at bugzilla for details: [1580067, 1579660, 1579476, 1579278].
Using the "Generate test" on a testmethod creates a second testmethod.

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2006-12-02

Version 0.6.1 released

Just a bugfixing release (problems with closed projects and rename refactorings solved)

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2006-10-22

Version 0.6.0 released

MoreUnit supports project specific settings to configure a project containing the tests for each project.
Extended preferences (packages suffixes is now supported for the tests).

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2006-10-16

Version 0.5.2 released

SwitchUnit and MoreUnit are merged now and offers new features: JUnit 4 support, extended preferences (prefix and suffix lists for Tests...), Testcase Wizard to create new tests...

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2006-06-16

Version 0.4.3 released

Refactoring Support for rename refactoring (moreUnit detects refactorings of classes and methods which have tests and ask the user to rename them either). Switching between testcase/testmethod and class under test via same shortcut. Suffix for testcases is now configurable. Preferenes for code comment templates are used when generating a new testcase.

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2006-05-01

Version 0.3.2 released

The new version improves the detection of test methods, markers are persistent...
Take a look at the project homepage for details.

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2006-03-26

Version 0.3.1 released

The new has version contains some bugixes and has nice new features (for example: jump directly to the test-method , not only the testcase).
Get more information at the project homepage.

Posted by Vera Henneberger 2006-01-23

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