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Fill in script for member numbers

Primary development site needed to be able to fill in member numbers in Moodle user database that were missing. We now have a simple script that can do that in cron based on the highest existing number. Test on test database and working on the production site, so branched and released as a new milestone.

Posted by Ben S Knowles 2009-06-09

Membernumbers complete

Fixed the bugs the users graciously helped me find last week and so this milestone is feature complete. I branched it and am now updating the docs in trunk.

Posted by Ben S Knowles 2009-05-18

Migrated tickets and milestones

I've just manually migrated over the tickets and milestones from the old Trac and shut that off over there. I have brought over some of the wiki pages, but not all of them yet. SVN is live here on SF so I've disabled that on the old host as well.


Posted by Ben S Knowles 2009-05-06

User testing reveals some bugs

Primary client has a user beta'ing their whole setup and this is cheerfully uncovering some bugs in the scripts and a couple business logic questions. I'll be hacking away at those now. There's plenty of data in their system to suggest where to stomp so hopefully this won't be too bad ...

Also: the original set of bugs and wiki are in the original trac install and are being migrated manually to the SF site as time permits. Sorry if this causes any trouble.... read more

Posted by Ben S Knowles 2009-05-06