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moobot project dead

Just so everyone knows, none of the current developrs on moobot are developing moobot anymore (that I know of). People who still want a nice python bot that's easy to use and very powerful, check out another bot I am working on - supybot <> - I'm trying to make sure that it supports everything that moobot did as I plan to replace the moobot I've been running with a supybot when it's all ready.

Posted by Daniel DiPaolo 2003-10-24

New releases!

Put the moobot-0.6 deb up (which is NOT the latest release, so ignore what's on the front page here), as well as the brand spankin' new moobot-0.7 tarball. There should be an 0.7 deb in Debian main soon for all you Debianeros. For you non-Debianers, the install script is probably still a little sloppy/wrong, but it is being completely overhauled. Look for a new install script in the next version (maybe using distutils even).

Posted by Daniel DiPaolo 2003-01-31