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Deploy for Windows

I will try to maintain an up to date version of Windows deploy through Click Once technology at

Posted by surfzoid 2009-10-10

MonoOSC starter guide

The MonoOSC starter guide is written, fill free to complete it :

The help is available from MonoOSC Main form (F1 key) and in setting form :-)

Posted by surfzoid 2009-08-23

My last gadget feature :-)

Posted by surfzoid 2009-06-29

MonoOSC IRC Channel

irc server is :

irc chanel is : #MonoOSC

Have a fun !

Posted by surfzoid 2009-01-23

New feature and enchancments

Added a desktop file for entry menu,
cut/paste copy work in xml editor,
right click on status to copy text,
Differante color for differant status ...

Posted by surfzoid 2008-09-06

Password encryption and other new feature

I have added support of password encryption to store it in the config file.

- Project flags work.
- Package flags are ready and work under Windows, need to wait some bug fix for Mono under *Nix.
- Started to write a repo manager to Edit/Add/Delete repository.
- Support of subproject added.
- Added a link to Html/Chm help(not yet finish to write) of MonoOSCFramework, usefull for developper who want to use My dll of the OpenSuse API.

Posted by surfzoid 2008-08-28

All usefull feature are here

All most important feature are here, the give you the ability to edit all flags with checkbox or edit the XML meta by the hand, edit then reupload a file, start the build ......

Posted by surfzoid 2008-08-25

Now can build RPM

This last version have most Linux issue fixed and then it be abble to upload spec and tar.bz2 to start building RPM, if RpmSpecManager is installed, i use it to write spec file(in later release, i will put it in depandancy).

The problem was/Http request , i fixed that.

Posted by surfzoid 2008-08-22 Release

Added a linux self extracting for version in download section (Linux)

Posted by surfzoid 2008-08-16

Developper documentation startup

This is curently in development and will be updated often as possible :

This one is aviable here :

Posted by surfzoid 2008-08-12

First beta release

A first beta release is aviable from OpenSue repository (For most linux distro), in the section download (as source) or by svn section (need to be with mono gmc for example).compiled

Posted by surfzoid 2008-08-12