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Version 4.1 available

MonkeyWorld 3D 4.1 is now available for download. We don't call this a final release yet, because we all know too good, that there are still issues in this release.
Many thanks go to all the people, who have made this version possible.

Click here to get the release notes:

Click here for the downloads

Posted by Tareq Doufish 2008-08-19

MonkeyWorld3D 4.0.2 released

We are proud to announce the release 4.0.2. This release is way better than the previous release, in many fields, and much easier to use.
Here is the list of changes that we have already introduced in the 4.0.2 release.

1. Migration to latest jMe release.
2. Migration to jme physics latest.
3. Enhanced selection facilities and spatial movements. Both in the single selection and multiple selection, there are now free movement tool plus the gizmos.
4. Multiple selection in the editor, you can now select more that one object in the editor, and change its transformation attributes, like translation rotation, and scaling, both with gizmos, and free movement tool. Multiple and single selection works from both the 3d scene, and the content outline view. Also the selection gets reflected on both sides, if you try to select from the 3d scene, then it will get reflected on the content outline, and vise versa.
5. Cloning object via free movement tool by holding the CTRL button.
6. Cloning of render states via the drag and drop, if you have a spatial with some render state activated on that spatial, then it's just enough to drag and drop that state to a destination spatial, and it will get applied.
7. Alignments tools in the editor, you can align your spatials in the 3d scene, align bottom, top, left , right, and in the z direction as well. Make the same distance between those spatials as well.
8. Enhanced code.
9. Adding of the missing command components, there was some set of missing commands from some of the components in the editor, now they are all in there, so every move in the editor, can be rolled back, and redone as well.
10. Improved content outline for the missing objects, now almost every thing show in the content outline, like controllers, lights, states, textures, … .
11. Improved way to delete your items from the editor.
12. Code refactoring to be easier for other users to extend the functionality of the editor.
13. Preferences for the camera, and the threshold of the gizmos. Also the introduction of the preferences will help us, and other users to add more features to the editor.... read more

Posted by Tareq Doufish 2007-12-20

MonkeyWorld3D added a new branch for release 4.0.2

A new branch for MonkeyWorld3D editor is available, you can check it out from this url:

Notice that this branch will be used to generate release 4.0.2 binary distro, which is going to be really soon.

Posted by Tareq Doufish 2007-12-13

MonkeyWorld3D v4.0.1 RC1 released

We are proud to announce the release of MonkeyWorld3D game editor v 4.0.1 RC1, this release contains lots of improvments and additions, here is the list of the all of them:

1.Migration to the new jME release which is RC1.

2.Adding physics to the Spatial Editor, now you can add physics nodes, joints, axis and other physics related stuff in the spatial editor, save/load them on the fly, add force, torque ... etc. If you were watching the project from the SVN on the sourceforge, you will notice that we previously had the physics as a separate editor, that was causing us a lot of trouble maintaing the physics editor from the spatial editor, while they shared most of the sections in the editor, so its much much better having them at the same code base in the editor, this will also facilitate loading models that contains physics before, so the spatial editor will act smarter and figure out how to show those meshes, and give you the ability to edit them.... read more

Posted by Tareq Doufish 2007-09-19

MonkeyWorld3D version 4 ( RCP ) released

The MonkeyWorld3D team is happy announce the availability of the MonkeyWorld3D version 4 which is a complete revape to eclipse RCP.
Please visit our download section for downloading it.

Posted by Tareq Doufish 2007-03-12

MonkeyWorld3D version3.0 milestone 1 released

The MonkeyWorld3D team is proud to announce the version 3 of its gaming editor milestone 1.

We would like to thank the underlying engine team that MonkeyWorld3D is running on the top of ( jMe ) Java Monkey Engine, and all the people who have helped us in testing it.

Please go to our new and noteworthy page for more details on this release. read more

Posted by Tareq Doufish 2006-09-04

MonkeyWorld3D version2.0 released

The MonkeyWorld3D team is pleased to announce the release of the new MonkeyWorld3D game editor, version 2.0. This release contains alots of inhancments on the editor functinality, and its much better stable than the first release.

To download this release please go throught this link.

Posted by Tareq Doufish 2005-12-15

MonkeyWorld3D gets new web site

Thanks to the people of sourceforge, we have decided to make use of there services to host our new web site. We figured that sourcefourge may stay a while in the industry and because they actually host our project, they might as well host our web site to!

We have imporved on our look and also on the style. We will also now have a dedicated page for images and we are currently working on some detailed tutorials for people using MonkeyWorld3D.
MonkeyWorld3D team.

Posted by Tareq Doufish 2005-12-15

MonkeyWorld3d alpha 1.0 released

Announcing MonkeyWorld3d alpha 1.0 game editor, MonkeyWorld3d is a complete game editor solution, which allows you to build a complete game levels in a small time.

Posted by Tareq Doufish 2005-08-03

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