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New Release Beryllium-0.4.0

With a few fixes and a few extensions, it did seem necessary to release a new version. Be warned: there is still lots of work to be done. For now, some major restructuring tasks have been undertaken: the tests have been extracted into a separate project on GitHub and the molecule library has been decommissioned. Instead, you may now build your own fairly easily. This feature is bound to be improved, however.

Posted by Hendrik Vennekate 2017-01-04

Bugs in Molsketch 0.3.1 "Lithium-6"

Unfortunately, version 0.3.1 contains a few rather nasty and severe bugs, which apparently escaped my inspection. Hence, it is probably preferable to use the next version's snapshot instead for the time being. There is still some work that will go into re-activating the molecule library in that particular version.

Any volunteer help in testing and finding out bugs do not make it into the final version is greatly appreciated!

Posted by Hendrik Vennekate 2016-08-10

Molsketch 0.3.1 "Lithium-6"

After a long while, a little update. The main new feature are "decorations", which can be frames, brackets, or the like and will become more flexible in the future.
Also, some improvements have been implemented for arrows (reaction - as well as mechanism arrows). Stay tuned for more...

Posted by Hendrik Vennekate 2016-03-20

Molsketch 0.3.0 "Lithium"

After some renovation on the code, a new version of Molsketch is ready (although, obviously, there still remain bugs and issues to be fixed).
Notable changes include (but are not limited to):
- native XML format (*.msk)
- right mouse button no longer deletes atoms or bonds (used for context menu instead)
- Qt5 and qmake support (Qt4 and cmake are only checked sporadically. cmake support will continue, Qt4 may fade)
- several minor clean-ups of the user interface
- more consistent undo-support

Posted by Hendrik Vennekate 2015-04-26 Labels: release

Molsketch 0.2.0 release

Molsketch 0.2.0 is the first release since development was taken up again a few months ago. While there are many improvements over 0.1.1, some bugs and imperfections are still there. The long term goal is to have an extendible 2D chemistry application.

The source package can be downloaded from
There is also a windows zip file with a version build using Qt's SDK

Posted by Tim Vandermeersch 2009-12-08

Announcing molsKetch Deuterium

After almost two months of development, molsKetch Deuterium is available for download. This is an in between release of molsKetch (hence the name) containing mostly bug fixes. Most of the work is visible under the hood in the source code. End-users will only notice the support for OpenBabel under Windows (you can now load, save and import documents) and few other changes like deleting items with the right mouse button and the new lay-out for the element table. For a more extensive list of changes, see the changelog.... read more

Posted by Sciurus 2007-04-30

Announcing molsKetch Hydrogen

After almost six months of development molsKetch Hydrogen is finally there. This first release will give you all you need to draw 2D molecular structures. molsKetch has several functions helping you to draw a consistant structure quickly and easily. After you've finished your molecule, you can save it in all the formats supported by OpenBabel or export it as picture for further use in other documents. Regular used molecules can be saved in the built-in library for further use. Of course there is still much room for improvement, but basic functionality is available. ... read more

Posted by Sciurus 2007-03-21

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