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NTLM auth module for Apache/Unix / News: Recent posts

New Version Soon

New Version, probably numbered 0.5-beta is in the final days of development. I've merged in a LOT of patches around here and bug fixes and some of my own work. There's a new autoconf'd configure script to select Apache 1 or Apache 2 support. But I have not tested the Apache 1 code or even compiled it since I don't have access to Apache 1 and it's a pain. So basically it'll be unsupported, only if people submit patches or report GOOD bugs that I can follow.... read more

Posted by Doug Goldstein 2004-05-15

New release 0.3 - documentation updates

Better documentation is available as HTML file.
Homepage has been

Posted by Andreas Gal 2000-04-24

New release 0.2 - minor fixes

Added some minor fixed to the Makefile and
fixed a Solaris 2.6 problem.

Posted by Andreas Gal 2000-04-24

First snapshot.

First snapshot of mod_ntlm released. The module
is still unstable and there are known bugs.
Comments are welcome.

Posted by Andreas Gal 2000-04-23