Parameters and versions variant on distrib.

  • ggbce

    ggbce - 2009-12-01

    I observed that we can download mod-auth-mysql version 3.0.0 from the "original" source programmer team… but on many recent Linux distributions the version is very more recent than that. Exemple: On Debian Lenny 5.03 the libapache2-mod-auth-mysql package tell us that is a version 4.

    Maintainer: Joey Schulze <>
    Source: mod-auth-mysql
    Version: 4.3.9-11

    I also observed that version is not using the same syntax than what we can found on your website. Exemple:

    AuthMySQLUserField -> AuthMySQL_Username_Field

    Finally, I have a lot of problem to use an encrypted password field. It seem that the crypted code in mod_auth_mysql doesn't respect the same crypting functions inside MySQL Server 5. In more it seem that many options of crypt is not documented. I tested with many word combinations to determine that I can set:

    Plaintext, MySQL, Crypt_DES and Crypt_MD5.

    In all case the Apache2 config accept these parameters when I reload the deamon… but no one seem to work because I cannot match my password that I type in the webpage popup with the one stored in the database…

    With my old Red Hat 7.3 - Apache 1.3.x I used AuthMySQLCryptedPasswd and everything worked very fine.

    It's very hard to follow the use of this product between distributions.

    For the moment I use an inside page authentication (with PHP), but I would like and prefer a security managed in Apache to allow folder access for secure sites.

    Let me know why it's so hard to use your authentication module ! I  really want a working and easy solution based on MySQL DB.


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