#7 auth_mysql interferes with authn in Apache 2.2


I've just installed SUSE 10.1 which has Apache 2.2. I'm
using authz_ldap for part of the website and auth_mysql
for another part. This used to work for Apache 2.0.

What I have noticed is that if auth_mysql is loaded, it
overrides authn_ldap (and I suspect, other authn
schemes). So I cannot use it anymore. I see that 2.2
has authn_dbd so that is what I will have to use.

BTW this has nothing to do with the patch for 2.2. SUSE
has already applied this.

If you decide not to fix this issue for Apache 2.2,
then you should mention somewhere prominent that
auth_mysql will not work properly with authn, to save
users frustration.

Thanks for auth_mysql which was useful to me in 2.0.



  • Jerry Stuckle

    Jerry Stuckle - 2006-10-15

    Logged In: YES

    mod_auth_mysql does not currently work with Apache 2.2, and
    we do not support it. However, we know of no reason right
    now it shouldn't work with other modules.

    We may still work on it for Apache 2.2, but it looks like
    most features were already included in authn_dbd.

  • Jerry Stuckle

    Jerry Stuckle - 2006-10-15
    • status: open --> closed

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