#2 accumulating threads on apache 1.3.31


On Apache 2.0.49 (worker) I encountered problems on
heavy server load, when I ran apaches ab2 benchmark
utility for test. I had no success with the unofficial
patch from "nobody" posted here under patches which
should fix the multiple thread problem. The patched
module was of course compiling and it was running so
far, but with the settings working under 20030510
version I was not able to log in any more and I could
not find a reson for the problem, - in no logfile a
message was found, why the login failed.

So I tried it on Apache 1.3.31, but mod_auth_mysql
does not work reliable either. When the keep alive
option in .htaccess is on, open DB connection threads
are accumulating. I tested this again with apaches ab
benchmark utility. After a few hundred requests, the DB
is running out of threads. When the "keep alive"
feature is turned off, mod _auth_mysql will work, but
with reduced performance.

Is there a plan to create a new release ? I think it
would be nice to have a major release covering all the
issues. Currently I can't use it for production.


  • Jerry Stuckle

    Jerry Stuckle - 2004-09-09

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    When keep alive is on, mod_auth_mysql should not be
    accumulating connections.

    Do you have the keep alive option set in ALL <Directory>
    entries (and/or .htaccess files) where you're using
    mod_auth_mysql? I suspect having some on and some off may
    contribute to this problem.

    The current version doesn't make any changes in this area.
    I'm looking at possibly setting the keep alive option at
    compile time (and removing it from the configuration options).

    I'm also looking at the multiple thread patch - this could
    also be part of the problem (i.e. mod_auth_mysql gets a
    second request while processing a previous connect request).
    There is no code to prevent this from occurring right now,
    which could cause problems on a heavily loaded system.

    However, this will require more work, and it will take time
    to get it done right.


  • Jerry Stuckle

    Jerry Stuckle - 2004-09-09
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Jerry, many thanks for your response. I am quite happy that
    you are still working on this module. About the problem - I
    tested with only one script at a time, so always the same
    .htaccess was in use. However, the script itself also does
    a couple of data base accesses to the same table, so
    probably this influenced the results.


    mail: rolf@jethon.de


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