#1 this module slows down server



Using this module with apache2 it actually slows the
server operation a lot than using other auth methods
(ex. db files). The reason seems to be that for example
when I open a directory in a browser, which directory
is configured with AutoIndex, apache for each entry in
that directory does 2 (two!) db connections, one after
another, first queries the host_info for the current
virtual host, second queries for the current user (the
user sent by the browser in the request with
credentials). I dont see any reason why that is needed.
I have a 400+ entries directory and on my system it
takes 25 seconds to show it by apache (in that time I
have a apache daemon using 99% CPU).


  • Jerry Stuckle

    Jerry Stuckle - 2004-09-09
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jstuckle
    • status: open --> closed-rejected
  • Jerry Stuckle

    Jerry Stuckle - 2004-09-09

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    This isn't a mod_auth_mysql problem.

    mod_auth_mysql makes the connections based on requests from
    Apache. With AuthMySQLKeepAlive off, a new connection will
    be made for each request.

    Enabling AuthMySQLKeepAlive will keep the connection alive
    between requests. There is only a slight overhead in
    keeping the connection alive, but it also means you cannot
    use multiple hosts for authentication.

    Please try this option. If it still does not work, please
    open a new bug with your setup, including the <Directory>
    entry from your httpd.conf file (and .htaccess file if


  • Jerry Stuckle

    Jerry Stuckle - 2004-10-01

    Logged In: YES


    I want to look more into the code here, to see if there is a
    way to limit the performance problem without requiring
    AuthMySQLKeepAlive be On.

  • Jerry Stuckle

    Jerry Stuckle - 2004-10-01
    • status: closed-rejected --> open-rejected

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