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SNMP Apache Module / News: Recent posts

New version 1.05 released

Updated code to support httpd 2.4.x

Posted by Esteban Pizzini 2016-05-29

New List added!

user support and discussion list was added!!. Subscribe and receive mod-apache-snmp support!

Posted by Esteban Pizzini 2005-09-03

mod-apache-snmp 1.03 released!!

Bugs fixed
Includes mrtg scripts
Changes to work on IBM Http Server

Posted by Esteban Pizzini 2005-08-23


Some examples and scripts have been added to use MRTG for apache values graphing.

Posted by Esteban Pizzini 2005-03-07

mod-apache-snmp 1.02 released

New MIB objects added (serverRequestsPerSec, serverKBytesPerSec, serverKBytesPerRequest).
Major bug fixes (problem with snmpv3 users).
Include patchs for compiling on FreeBSD 5.3

Posted by Esteban Pizzini 2004-12-19