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MySQL Connector/J 3.0.1 Released!


Fixed ResultSet.getRow() off-by-one bug
Fixed RowDataStatic.getAt() off-by-one bug
Added limited Clob functionality (ResultSet.getClob(), PreparedStatemtent.setClob(), PreparedStatement.setObject(Clob)
Added socketTimeout parameter to URL
Connection.isClosed() no longer "pings" the server
Connection.close() issues rollback() when getAutoCommit() == false
Added "paranoid" parameter...sanitizes error messages removing "sensitive" information from them (i.e. hostnames, ports, usernames, etc.), as well as clearing "sensitive" data structures when possible
Fixed ResultSetMetaData.isSigned() for TINYINT and BIGINT
Charsets now automatically detected. Optimized code for single-byte character set conversion
Implemented ResultSet.getCharacterStream()
Added "LOCAL TEMPORARY" to table types in DatabaseMetaData.getTableTypes()
Massive code clean-up to follow Java coding conventions (the time had come)
Fixed multi foreign-key support in DatabaseMetaData.getImported/ExportKeys() and getCrossReference()

Posted by Mark Matthews 2002-09-26

MM.MySQL-3.0.0 is now Connector/J 3.0.0!

In June, 2002, I joined the fine crew of developers at MySQL AB,
and MM.MySQL is now the official JDBC driver for MySQL! As well as
being under a free software license (LGPL for Connector/J 2.0.14,
GPL for Connector/J 3.0.0 and beyond), commercial licenses and
support options are also available from MySQL AB.
Contact for more information.

With this change, comes a name change, and new distribution channel. ... read more

Posted by Mark Matthews 2002-08-14

MM.MySQL-2.0.13 Released!

04-24-02 - Version 2.0.13

- More code cleanup.
- Fixed unicode chars being read incorrectly (SF bug 541088)
- Faster blob escaping for PrepStmt code contributed by
Pertti Roos (Thanks!)
- Added set/getPortNumber() to DataSource(s) (SF bug 548167)
- Added setURL() to MySQLXADataSource (SF bug 546019)
- PreparedStatement.toString() fixed (SF bug 534026)
- ResultSetMetaData.getColumnClassName() now implemented
- Rudimentary version of Statement.getGeneratedKeys() from JDBC-3.0
now implemented (you need to be using JDK-1.4 for this to work, I
- DBMetaData.getIndexInfo() - bad PAGES fixed (SF BUG 542201)

Posted by Mark Matthews 2002-04-25

Vote for MM.MySQL in JDJ's Reader's Choice Awards!

I would really appreciate it
if you could vote for MM.MySQL in the "Best Database Tool or Driver"
category in the Java Developer's Journal 2002 Readers' Choice
Awards (see\)


Posted by Mark Matthews 2002-02-27

MM.MySQL-2.0.11 Released

MM.MySQL-2.0.11 was released earlier today, including fixes for certain BLOBs causing EndOfInputStream exceptions, full synchronization of the Statement class to allow multi-threaded use safely, and fixes to foreign key support in DatabaseMetaData.

Posted by Mark Matthews 2002-01-26

MM.MySQL-2.0.9 Released

See for the CHANGELOG and README. Many bugfixes, WebSphere 4 support.

Posted by Mark Matthews 2002-01-19

MM.MySQL- Released

MM.MySQL- fixes botched packaging in the binary .jar file (2.0.5 was shipped instead of 2.0.6).

The .jar archive contains mm.mysql-2.0.6.jar which is the binary .jar file for mm.mysql-2.0.6 suitable for placing in your CLASSPATH.

Other than that, there are no changes.

Posted by Mark Matthews 2001-06-17

MM.MySQL-2.0.6 Released

Fixes case-sensitive column names in ResultSet.

Fixes missing parameter checking in PreparedStatement.

Posted by Mark Matthews 2001-06-16

MM.MySQL 2.0.5 Released

This is the last release of the 2.0 series (barring any major bugs). 3.0 is in the planning stages (get your requests in!), and will be JDBC-3.0/JDK-1.4 based.

As for what's new in this release:

- Fixed ResultSet.getBlob() ArrayIndex out-of-bounds

- Fixed ResultSetMetaData.getColumnTypeName for TEXT/BLOB

- Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when sending large BLOB queries (Max size packet was not being set)... read more

Posted by Mark Matthews 2001-06-14