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MkvMagic 1.33

Here the news MkvMagic 1.33


Fixed bug on DVD input that cause dgindex to spot if ifo file name is malformed (or different from vobset)
If a second encode is lauched after the first one the log window will report only the second log
Update log file (for better debug)
Added Save Default button. If you click this button mkvmagic will save an mkvmagic.ini with main parameter. If mkvmagic.ini is present when mkvmagic.exe is loading the this file will be parsed and loaded
Fixed NeroAACEnc "-If" on second audio track, thanks to Koriyama Naohiro for bug hunting !
Added a sanity check for audio looping. If audio track isn't create the program will not stop trying to convert and continue with other process (fell free to suggest better solutions)
Update Tutorial
Update deinterlacer routines. Now using BAutoDeint by Berrinam ! My kudos to Berrinam !! Using this application i will able to analyze a precius log and then argue better deinterlace routines... read more

Posted by Andres Zanzani 2006-08-09

MkvMagic 1.31

Here the new 1.31

Update code to allow installatin in path with space. Like "c:\program files\mkvmagic\" also destination path could contain space
Now when MkvMagic is working a log windows is always ready to watch what is doing. Please don't close this window or mkvmagic will also close... i will correct this bug asap
There no more need to edit defaul.avs. All *.dll present in \filter will be loaded
Added MultiSWAR resizer
Added Aften Audio Encoder
Explicited use of NONE in resizer. Select NONE for NO resize and NO autocrop

Posted by Andres Zanzani 2006-07-31

MkvMagic 1.30

Here the new MkvMagic 1.30 !


Update MkvMagic log. Since the porting to PureBasic 4 the log wasn't immediately avaiable while mkvmagic is runnig. Now is possible to open mkvmagic.log while mkvmagic is running
Added support for DgIndex 1.4.8 beta 3 FILM/VIDEO flag
When encoding end MkvMagic will popup again
Update Teegedeck XviD Profiles parsing, is now possible to put xml profiles into \profiles\XviD-profiles
Update XviD command line options (bframes, max-iframes,custom cqm)
MkvMagic will NOT close at end of encoding
Correct AR signaling in mkv when set AR to anamorphic and x264 as codec
In CCT encoder choose audio is resampled to 16 bit for compliance
Update NicAudio plugin to use NicMPG123
Corrected second audio track not being encoded
Ported source code to PureBasic 4.00
Tunings for new source code
Bug fixing for ac3 to aud-x encoder
If downmixing mode choosen isn't correct for audio file then original audio channel is retained
Added support for encoding ac3 files with aud-x audio engine
Correct only audio encoding with QuEnc
Added Downmixing mode (Original, Mono, Stereo, DLP, DLP II)
Little clean-up of mkvmagic.log
Added support for autodeinterlace with avi input. If you don't want to deinterlace or test deinterlac routines, choose NONE on "Deinterlacer"
Update Lame VBR string, now default command line for VBR encoding is "-v --vbr-new -h -S -V 5"

Posted by Andres Zanzani 2006-06-30

MkvMagic 1.23

Added -ignorelength to neroaacenc parameter
Bug fixings and tweak on audio part (MkvMagic is now a good gui for audio encoding!)
If final size is equal or bigger than 2GB and if avi is the final container then OpenDML is applyed in muxing
On mpeg4 input MkvMagic will switch to DirectShowSource or AviSource if choosed one isn't fuctional
Added ConvertAudioTo32bit() for sanity purpose into mkvmaudio.avs
If dgindex wasn't able to demux audio mkvmagic will relaunch dgindex on next audio tracks.
If dgindex don't found any audio than mplayer.exe is used to demux audio track selected into wav and the encoded in ac3 file with 192 cbr/2ch setting (only for ts files)
Totally rewritten from scratch audio part. Dropped support for besweet. Now mkvmagic use avisynth as main audio processor (as megui). Added support for frequency, tempo, pitch and channel.
Added tips for these new fuctions
This encoding is used both for mpeg4 output and mpeg2 output, so please pay attention when converting PAL2NTSC and viceversa
Added support for command line LAME.exe, Oggenc.exe, TwoLame.exe, Aud-X.exe, AAC_CTPlus and NeroAACEnc.exe.
Encoding to AC3 is demanded to QuEnc (and work quite well)
If input is audio file mkvmagic will process it without hiss. Like a BeSweet substitute ! :)
If output is mpeg2 audio file is encoded as 48000hz
Added support for FrFun7 filter
Automatic set of number of threads at program start, based upon hardware detection
Update QuEnc routines to 0.7
Update AutoQMatEnc upon choose avs as input (wrong ar in ecl creation)
Update dump of xvid_encraw settings. Upon click on "WriteCMD" mkvmagic will create one or two bat in working folder with xvid settings.
If Mplayer.exe is present into \exe\encoder folder, mkvmagic will use it for demuxing audio from mpeg4 file (avi/mkv/ogm...). This way is more robust than virtualdub demux
Again better support for avi input. Is now possible to "Copy Original" even for avi input
Varius bug fixes an avs input and avi input (no more bbmpeg crash on avi parsing..., this shouldn't ever done; no more try to parse d2v on avs input)
Update MkvMerge to 1.70
Added a new folder ( "Matrix" in exe folder )with several matrix for use with xvid.
Added support for -progress options in xvid_encraw
Better routines for get exact size with xvid_encraw
Added support for HC_Enc 0.18
Correct a bug that would calculate bitrate for hcenc on 1000 basis not on 1024
Added support for muxing .idx/.sub into mp4
Added support for avs input for conversion to mpeg2
Better avi input. Now audio is saved to wav with virtualdubmod

Posted by Andres Zanzani 2006-05-17

MkvMagic 1.16

Here is the flashing new MkvMagic !

Changelog !

Added --no-dct-decimate to x264 options
Added support for Teegedeck XviD preset. These presets could be very handy for a newby lost in xvid command line. Take a look at tooltip next to choice. Link to doom9 forum for discussion
Added an hidden feature: if you write NONE in resize filter (where is lanczos, bicubic...), mkvmagic will neither do autoresize nor apply autocrop or any resize. If enabled HGAvsOptimizer will however autocrop the source
Isn't more possible to edit OGG and Aud-X audio codec BITRATE. Since OGG is based on quality preset and Aud-X on its preset the combo where choose bitrate is "greyed". NO PROBLEM !!! YOU CAN ALWAYS CHOICE FROM LIST
More Tooltip ! (again)... If mouse is over Mkvmagic icon in systray a popup will say what mkvmagic is doing
Added in log the AR calculated as Gordian Knot and the AR error (as Gordian Knot)
Added support for TBilateral and TTempSmooth
Optimized filter code (internal change, 5k code removed)
Changed "Credits\Calc\Audio" panel to "Extra Settings"
Better log if 1 or 2 Pass VFW is choosed
If "Calculate!" (in "Extra" panel) is pressed the bitrate calculate is putted in clipboard (for a copy&paste in vfw codec configurations)
Resolved a nasty bug that could bring very very low resolution on autosize with very short clip (less then 1 minute)
Changed name of AUD-X to "MP3 5.1 Aud-X" due to request of developers of Aud-X (not a big trouble !)
More complete support for XviD_Encraw. Now is possible to set all single pass and second pass options
Traced in log the presence of decrypter, mplayer and mencoder
Corrected erroneus warning message about missing decrypter eve if presente (bug reported by riggits)
If DTS audio source is choosed then only "Copy Original" is avaiable as audio codec
Reported in log MkvMagic version
Added support for AVS input file. No filter or resize is applyed, only HGAvsoptimizer,audio encoding and final encoding

Posted by Andres Zanzani 2006-04-27

MkvMagic 1.10

Here is the new MkvMagic 1.10 !!!


Added average encoding speed in log report
Added support to generic vfw codec ( like DivX 6 ). In codec list are added two new entry: "2 Pass Manual VFW Codec" and "1 Pass Manual VFW Codec".
!!! NOTE !!!
"Conf. Codec" is enabled if you choose one of these encoding mode.
IF YOU CLICK on "Conf. Codec" you MUST configure one or two pass codec AND this EXACT SETTING (bitrate...) will be used in encoding, both for autosize and final encoding. TIPS: use "Credit/Calc/Audio" for computing bitrate
IF YOU DON'T CLICK on "Conf. Codec" MkvMagic will ASK and you MUST set codec at encoding time, both for autoresize and final encoding. Before autosize and final encoding a message info is displayed for average bitrate knowledge. The only drawback is encoding will wait for your input. Es. choose input, choose 2 pass vfw -> start ! -> indexing -> audio encoding -> ask for autoresize codec config -> ask two time for codec configuration (one for both pass)
Update Tutorial
Added support for Aud-X 1.2 audio engine. Use it only if audio is AC3 5ch !!! more information at
Here a little report:
STRQ - Streaming Quality - (80 kbps)
STDQ - Standard Quality - (128 kbps)
HGHQ - High Quality - (192 kbps)
SPBQ - Superb Quality - (192 kbps)
Aud-X is an awesome audio format! Is able to encode in 5.1 channel on mp3 format with quality in low bitrate ! But isn't only this ... while decoding, using is directshow filter (freeware !!!) the stream is re-expanded in original ac3 format with full 5.1 channel support (even with spdif out)
Update lame_enc.dll to 3.98 beta2
Update LAVC. Removed -noskip because it can cause broken encoding with many mencoder build
Added custom compression check. As write in ToolTip:
Specify the threshold % for accept compression test. Es. You write here 75 and check "Only Compression Test" . If Compressione Test will give 74 the encoding is stopped, Else if CT is over 75 the full encoding will start. If you write here 0 only the CT is done regardless of any CT results. If you write here 101 the CT is accepted regardless of any CT results and the encoding restart.
Added the possibility to add custom options to X264 command line encoder (useful for zones...)
Is now possible to specify crop values in "Credits/Calc/Audio" , examples (please read carefully)
1) Check "Enable manual crop", specify crop values and LEAVE "WIDTH" / "HEIGHT" to "AUTO". The movie will be cropped at specified values and automatic resize routines is used. First is applyed crop then resize.
2) Specify WIDTH and HEIGHT to your preferred values AND DO NOT CHECK "Enable manual crop". Movie will be resized to specified WIDTH and then AUTOCROP
3) Specify WIDTH and HEIGHT to your preferred values AND CHECK "Enable manual crop" AND SET ALL CROP. Movie will be cropped and THEN resized to specified WIDTH
4 If you want to use HGAvsOptimizer then you MUST specify already in resize configuration the width/height like LimitedSharpen(1.25,1.25,640,480,smode=4) ,where 640 is width and 480 is height
Added in list of subs "Rip ALL SUBS" for subripping all sub
Added a new type of filter. In list of filter you will find def-***. You can create how many preset of filter , put this preset file (take a look at def-test) into filter directory, the file MUST be named "def-" and any name of your choice like "def-fast" or "def-luma" ... This file will be paste at end of filter chain
Is now possible to NOT apply filter in HGAvSOptimizer, just select NONE
Corrected bug using Spresso fuction with HGAvsOptimizer

Posted by Andres Zanzani 2006-04-05

MkvMagic 1.05

Here is the new MkvMagic 1.05 !


Changed WinAmp CT profiles. Now bitrate is displayed and no more Nero's profiles.
If WinAmp CT and "HE-AAC" (not "HE-AAC 5ch" ) profile are choosed then -high option is set
More robust support for Mencoder (basically bug fixing... bug fixing and more bug fixing :) )
Added support to Spresso fuction by Didee( ). Very good for SPatial REcompreSSiOn
Reorganized filter and resize (only internal modifier, removed 25k of redundant code)
Corrected in log the Profile choosed
Added preliminary support to Mencoder (only for LAVC codec).
For using Mencoder put mencoder.exe and mplayer.exe into \exe\encoder folder.
If you use LAVC panel Mencoder/Mplayer is used for all purpose (ripping/encoding video/encoding audio). There only one big warning, isn't possible do do an automatic resolution test... with only mencoder. Look at "AVS CC" if you enable it (is enabled by default) than avisynth is used for creating a compression test script. If "AVS CC" is disabled the you must specify the final resolution
Update log
If HGAvsOptimizer was used on interlaced source the script wasn't correct.
Now HgAvsOptimizer accept even custom resizer !!! Awesome !!!
Tuned deinterlacer routines (a bit faster now)
Added support for mt_masktools, also update LimitedSharpen script to latest version (with smode 4 support)
Thansk to Berrinam solved problem with MvBob !!! Now if MvBob is choosed this deint is putted before crop
Again thanks to Berrinam for pointing me a correct approach to deinterlace routines !
Since latest x264 build need at last 32*32 image, update varius routines to this values (mainly interlace detection)
More Tooltip
Update log to indicate subtitle tracks
Added support for --thread-input (new x264 rev 474) (for multicore cpu). Automatic added if threads >1
Update support for CT Encoder
Correct channel order for 5.1 encoding on second audio tracks
Update HGAvsOptimizer. Much better now.
Update to Sharktooth profile's v23

Posted by Andres Zanzani 2006-03-27

MkvMagic 1.00

Hi All

Here is the new MkvMagic 1.00


Added a preliminary support of better deinterlacing rountines. The program, using a simplified version of AutoGk routines (also taken from source_detection from Berrinam), can determine if stream is interlaced or film or telecined or even hybrid. The problems awake only if hybrid film is detected :( ... I haven't much samples for testing /also a big thanks to Special kei for providing some of this)
Update (again) parsing of file (from mpeg). If time.avs fail , parsing is done directly over d2v
Better calc of resolution. "Strange" values should not more appear :)
Added possibility to specify minimum and maximum resolution (due to automatic resolution)
If parsing d2v FILM % is found over 95% and framerate is 29.97 than Forced Film is appyed on d2v creation
Many updates in mkvmagic.log (for better bug's hunting)
Correct an ugly error in defalut.avs (bug reported by "Dale")
Update to Sharktooth profile's v22
Added a sanity check for very low resolution. If autosize would led to width less than 16. Than final width will be total width/3
For sake pourpose renamed X264 encoding mode "Quality" to "Quality (crf)"
Fixed error with very big/very small clip size
Fixed "Copy Original" when using DTS audio tracks ( bug reported by "Special Kei")
Changed (more robust) detection of movie parameter (problem reported by "Dale")
Added support for Force Film. If d2v report a % of film over 95% the force film is applyed. (my big thanks to "Special Kei" for spotting the problem and sending a sample for study !!)
Added Bit/Pixel support. In "Set MB Size Unit" write "" , where xxx are bit/pixel value (like 0.18 or 0.22). This values will be used for calculating bitrate. This bitrate will be used for both single or 2 pass. Actually only applyed to x264 command line and xvid command line
I am not a fan of this formula but this is the reward for the first bug reporting (my greatings to "Special Kei" )

Posted by Andres Zanzani 2006-03-17

MkvMagic 0.95

Update to 0.95

Update profile for muxing AVI. Problems with SA should be solved
Update Sharktooth profile to v21
WOW ! Added "To Icon" for minimize all program lauched by MkvMagic !!! Please this is an initial release so be carefull and test it ! Now is used only for mkv/mp4/avi rip
Tuned bitrate calcualtion for x264
Solved problem for non 48khz for OGG 5+1

Posted by Andres Zanzani 2006-02-27

New Release ! 0.93

Here the new release. Few changes, just update some libs and exe

Posted by Andres Zanzani 2006-02-16

Start !

Finally the project is approved !

Posted by Andres Zanzani 2006-02-07

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