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2.1.0 Release

After quite some time the 2.1.0 release of the mjpegtools is there.
There are a lot of smaller bugfixes, and some enhancements. y4mscaler is now integrated, and installed by default.

Posted by Bernhard Praschinger 2013-09-21

Support for EM28XX based devices

Added the support for the EM28XX Software recording option to lavrec. This enables recording for devices like the DVC100 Pinnacle Dazzle.
The patch was provided by RSTAM, in june/july 2011.

Posted by Bernhard Praschinger 2011-07-10

MJPEGTools 2.0.0 released

Finally there is the shiny new version of the mjpegtools, called 2.0.0 release.

There are updates and patches for a lot of programs so they work with newer libs and programs.
mpeg2enc, y4mdenoise and yuvdenoise did get some bigger updates, along with a lot of smaller updates for the other programs.

Posted by Bernhard Praschinger 2011-05-22

MJPEGTools 2.0.0rc1 released

Here is our shiny new version of the mjpegtools. About 2 years have passed since the last release. This is the first Release Candidate of the mjpegtools. Depending on the number of changes there might be another ReleaseCandidates.
The next release will be the 2.0.0 because the mjpegtools are already 10 year on Sourceforge, and we start into our 2nd decade, and so the Major release number was chosen.... read more

Posted by Bernhard Praschinger 2010-12-31

MJPEGTools 1.9.0 released

The next stable release after quite some time.

Posted by Bernhard Praschinger 2009-01-06

MJPEGTools 1.9.0rc4 released

We have just released the 1.9.0 rc4 which will become the 1.9.0, if we don't find any bugs. If you find an bug/problem please report it to the mjpeg-users mailinglist.
The major improvment compared with the RC3 is that a rate control bug in mpeg2enc is fixed.
Beside the Linux packages we also have a precompiled windows package.

Posted by Bernhard Praschinger 2008-12-08

MJPEGTools 1.9.0rc3 released

We have just released the 1.9.0 rc3 which will become the 1.9.0, if we don't find any bugs. If you find an bug/problem please report it to the mjpeg-users mailinglist.

Posted by Bernhard Praschinger 2007-12-04

MJPEGTools 1.8 released !

Dear all,

after almost one-and-a-half-year, the drums thrill again, and as the
music plays, we hear the orcs coming in at the horizon. Oh, wait, eh,
that's another game. ... read more

Posted by Gernot Ziegler 2005-09-26

mjpegtools 1.6.2 released

The development team is proud to announce version 1.6.2 of your favourite video and DVD capture, filtering and encoding toolset. Mjpeg tools is a suite of programs which support video capture, editting, playback, and compression to MPEG of MJPEG video. Edit, play and compression software is hardware independent. Capture supports MJPEG hardware (Buz, Miro DC10+ etc).

Posted by Ronald Bultje 2004-02-09

1.6.0 released!

After a year of hard work, the mjpeg project group is proud to announce the availability of mjpegtools-1.6.0! This release contains a huge list of updates over 1.4.1, including video4linux-recording support for generic (non-mjpeg) video4linux devices, the availability of libraries for several functions (opening files, encoding/decoding JPEG frames, etc.), a fully rewritten DVD/(S)VCD-capable MPEG multiplexer and the best MPEG-encoder available for free. We also include several completely new tools, such as a video-scaler, a video-denoiser, a video-3:2 pulldown convertor and many more filters. Also included are a divx-encoder and -decoder. A mpeg-decoder is available separately to make full use of our filters when transcoding your movies.

Posted by Ronald Bultje 2002-05-06

MJPEG-tools 1.4.0 released!

After months of testing 1.4-pre-releases and even more time of making 1.3beta-releases, we're proud to announce the release of MJPEG-tools 1.4.0.

The MJPEG-tools are a set of utilities for recording, editing, playing back and encoding (to mpeg) of MJPEG-encoded video.
Recording video is done through capturing from zoran-based video devices, such as the DC10+, the Iomega Buz or the LML33. Playback of videos can be done using the zoran-hardware or using software playback through smjpeg (SDL), all this with lavplay.
xlav is a simple tool for cut-n-paste editing of video, it is based on lavplay's playback program. It produces editlists which can be handled by all other tools.
Using mpeg2enc, mp2enc and mplex, the videos (or editlists) can be encoded to MPEG.
New utilities include yuv2lav, yuvscaler, yuvplay and lavpipe. yuv2lav can be used for encoding YUV-streams to MJPEG-encoded video. yuvscaler can scale YUV-streams. yuvplay can playback YUV-streams. lavpipe can be used for advanced editing purposes, such as creating scene transitions or video layer combining.... read more

Posted by Ronald Bultje 2001-06-06

Final release candidate 1.4pre1 is out!

The first release candidate for the production
release is out. Tarball is already in the
files area. rpm and deb binaries should appear shortly. The 1.3b<x> release should no longer be used.

Posted by Andrew Stevens 2001-05-11

Next release (1.3 beta3) available

Imporovements include:

- MPEG2 encoding including interlaced video and SVCD compliant streams suitable
for burning to CD and playback on SVCD/DVD players.

- Support for MJPEG avi and quicktime streams generated using xawtv and bttv-based card.

- Improved support for MPEG transcoding using ac3dec and mpeg2dec.

- Support for soundcards with high sync latency (e.g. SB-live).

- Speed and quality improvements: encoding of high quality VCD compliant MPEG1 video at 230 fps on Duron 700

Posted by Andrew Stevens 2001-02-08


There's an interim update to the beta2 release that should fix an instruction set selection error that would cause crashes on K6-2 and K6-3 and Pentium-MMXen. Its not a full release yet because it includes other modifications that are not as fully tested as I'd like.

Posted by Andrew Stevens 2000-12-27

1.3beta2 Now and accesible!

The beta2 release delayed by sourceforge's server outage is now uploaded and ready to go! If you've got a K6-2 (and maybe K6-3) it appears that there is an error in the 3D-Now! selection that causes an illegal instruction error on these CPU's. This should get fixed very soon. What this space...

Posted by Andrew Stevens 2000-12-19

Use 0.4b1a!

The wrong version of the ratectl.c file crept into
the 0.4b1 tarball. Quantisation of below-average
energy macroblocks is much too aggresive.

Use the mjpeg_beta_1a.tar.gz tarball with the
correct ratectl.c

Posted by Andrew Stevens 2000-08-08