#25 mix does not honor PGP cipher prefs

Client (9)

When encrypting a message to a recipient address,
Mixmaster is pulling the cipher prefs and feature flags
from the primary key-id, rather than the key-id that
matches the email address. Per RFC 2440, OpenPGP
clients should honor the cipher prefs that are contained
in the self-signature on the UID being referenced.

Test case:

Create a key with two user-ids. The first, and primary,
user-id has cipher preference of 3 (CAST5). The second
has cipher pref of 7 (AES-128).

Place this key on your mix client keyring.

Compose mail to the address in the second uid, and
select pgp encryption. Mail will be encrypted using

* Other possible problems to check: does Mixmaster
honor primary UID flags, or does it get primary UID
based on order of packets?


  • Len Sassaman

    Len Sassaman - 2002-08-28
    • assigned_to: nobody --> disastry
  • Peter Palfrader

    Peter Palfrader - 2003-04-02
    • assigned_to: disastry --> nobody

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