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MiniPauker 1.1.1 final release is out!

The new stable version of MiniPauker, 1.1.1, has been released.

When you upgrade MiniPauker, stored sessions are NOT preserved. You need to migrate them manually into the new
version by exporting them into files from the old version and importing those files into the new one and
saving them as sessions.

The list of changes is too long to repeat it here, check the release notes. There are various usability improvements targetted especially at easing and speeding up the use of MP, such as the new Save & Quit menu. Sessions have been renamed to Lessons, long lessons are being loaded in the background while you can already start repeating/learning the first cards etc.... read more

Posted by Jakub Holý 2010-09-26

Version 1.1.06 to be released soon...

MiniPauker 1.1.06 will be released in a few days. It fixes the look&feel and assignment of actions to phone keys (especially while learning).

Posted by Jakub Holý 2010-08-02


The release of MiniPauker 1.1.1 is very close, we only need to test the last preview version 1.1.05 thoroughly to ensure high quality of the final release. Anybody's help is highly welcomed, even if only minor. Version 1.1.1 will be released based on 1.1.05 after 30 days without any new bug report being opened.

Download and install either the version MiniPauker_1.1.05-debug or MiniPauker_1.1.05 and just use it as you normally do, or perhaps try also the functionality that you normally do not use. You can download some sample Pauker files from . It would be great if you could also check that the Help is clear enough.... read more

Posted by Jakub Holý 2010-07-23

New feaures release 0.30

A new version with few new features:
* Added "repeat new", i.e. repeat unlearned cards = card's you haven't learned using the application. Good if you have actually learned them elsewhere as I often do.
* Used often with "repeat new", you can select in the preferences that you want the cards to be presented in a random order rather than always in the same (usually alphabetical) one.
* Support for reading files on Siemens mobiles that don't support the FileConnection API but have their custom file access. The file must be named lessons.pau.gz and be stored in the top folder.
* If your mobile doesn't support file access, you can embed a lesson file directly in the application - you put a file lesson.pau.gz into the MiniPauker.jar before you put it on your phone. You may do it by renaming the *.jar file to, putting the lesson inside and renaming it back to end with .jar. In this case do not use the MiniPauker.jad file at all or, if it can't be installed without it, change in it the value of 'MIDlet-Jar-Size:' to correspond to the new size of the jar in bytes (but it may be difficult to find out the true size).
* Added help with detailed instructions for various functions of the app.
* Hopefully an improvement of keys allocation so it should be easier to use the app.
* Reading of stored session loads first 100 cards and then continues in the background (loading in chunks of 100 ) so that you can start working with those loaded so far. Good for slow phones like Siemens CX65, Siemens ME75. You can check the progress in main menu > statistics.

Posted by Jakub Holý 2009-05-23

Bugfix release 0.28

- bugfix: highest possible batch no. is now 8 (not >8 than before)

- font color now black as wanted by some people.

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-09-30

Bugfix release 0.26 and 0.27

0.26 Bugfix: Now Pauker files with lesson descriptor can be loaded.

0.27 Bugfix: Import/Export from/to Pauker/MiniPauker was working, but the cards were out of sync in terms of the time-stamps.

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-09-02

Release 0.25 - Feature Complete

MiniPauker is now feature complete - at least until it is stable. Therefore you can only expect bugfix releases for the next commming updates :)


+ feature: draw cards randomly.
+ feature: cards who are not learnt in "ultrashortterm" go back to be relearnt immediately in next round.
+ feature: settings side A->B or side B->A.

+ fixed UTF-8 (Sony Ericsson).
+ fixed progress bar.
+ fixed exception handling in background tasks (displayed now as an alert).
+ fixed umlauts.... read more

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-08-20

Release: 0.24

Finally I got around to fix some annoying issues:

- Bugfix: Import/Export works now - hopefully - on all devices which support the file connection API JSR-75. Exception are those (stupid) mobiles which need a code signing certificate).

- Feature: if JSR-75 is not available on the phone the im/export functionality is disabled completely which is not misleading users.

- Error log is now available as a "sub-screen" on the statistics page within MiniPauker.... read more

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-08-16

Donations for code signing certificate avtivated

The latest phone generation (eg. Nokia S60 3rd) does support file in/output for MiniPauker's import/export functionality. Sounds good so far, doesn't it ...

BUT: I have to sign MiniPauker with a code signing certificate, otherwise file input/output just doesn't work and an Exception is thrown. I really do not like this idea, as it does NOT fit into an OpenSource project at all (the cheapest certificate, accepted by most phones, is 160$ per year:\). ... read more

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-07-04

Release: 0.23

Bugfix: UTF-8 was not correctly exported (again), so hopefully it works for everyone now!

Bugfix: OutOfMemory at exporting cards on some devices. This shouldn't happen any more, but export CAN take quite a while on some devices!

Feature: Ability to browse an error log. Java exceptions can be displayed directly on the device now (thanks to J2mePolish), which hopefully gives some real world feedback ...... read more

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-06-19

Release: 0.22

Bugfix: First card to review after a learning session was shown.

Bugfix: Reviewing cards - the answer can be seen temporary on some devices. Fixed hopefully.

Bugfix: Non-ASCII characters now export properly.

Feature: Pauker files or MiniPauker sessions can now be opened and attached to the current open session.

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-06-17

Bugfix release: 0.21

- Fixed: Preferences input fields were not working on some devices.

- Feature: Palm (IBM Java VM) binary is available again.

Have fun!

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-05-15

Release 0.20

New release, close to feature complete now:

- Feature: Export (*.pau) besides the import for Pauker ( works now!

- Feature: Save session is improved and should be good to use now.

- Feature: Splashscreen.

- Comment: Palm version will be released in 2 days (I don't have a Windows machine around to do that, and thats sadly the only way).

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-05-14

Release 0.1.3

Feature: User Preferences for timing the learning work now.

Feature: Using a shrinker/obfuscator, the file size is now 4-5 times smaller :)

Bugfix: loading multiple sessions from one minipauker instance works now and cards don't accumulate from various sessions.

Bugfix: thread issue of import process gauge fixed.

Outook: next weekend I hopefully have time to add the export for Pauker!

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-04-25

Bugfix release: 0.1.2

-bugfix: open/save session doesn't break if no sessions available.
-feature: pauker import lists and imports only *.pau and *.pau.gz from Pauker version >= 1.7 (currently pauker-devel version available\)
-feature: Palm file release

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-04-13

Bugfix release: 0.1.1

Opening a saved minipauker session was broken. Fixed now, file downloads updated.

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-04-10

First beta release: 0.1

First beta release of minipauker. It should work on most recent mobile phones or pdas with midp2 profile _AND_ JSR75 (java file i/o) support.

Have fun and please report major bugs back to me. Minor issues will be fixed soon. This is just a first rough beta, so please don't expect too much.

You can already import Pauker files; you need Pauker 1.7 or higher. Check the latest developer release of Pauker, which supports the new fileformat "pau.gz". ... read more

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-04-09

Beta Release

The first beta release is planned for the 5th of March 2006. So please stay connected ...

All the best, Markus

Posted by Markus Brosch 2006-02-15