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#2 Transcoding


Have you planed to implement any kind of transcoding?
It would bee nice to transcode from flac to mp3 because my dlna client only accept mp3 or linear PCM format.

I guess it need to bee implemented in a way that my bravia w4500 TV sees all music contents as mp3, even if it is flac to get the media browser work correct.

And when dlna client request a media file, minidlna hold track of which format the file is, convert it and sends it to the dlna client as mp3.

I gues this could be configurable in the config file. Lets say that sombody need conwerting all mp3 to wma or AAC

transcoding_input flac (format on storage medium)
to mp3 (format client need to play)
pressented as mp3 (media browser client list)


  • Justin Maggard

    Justin Maggard - 2009-02-07

    Yes, transcoding is an eventual goal, but it's going to be behind some other features like inotify support, and possibly upload functionality.

  • Dieter Plaetinck

    Hello, any ETA of transcoding support?
    thank you!

  • Steven Blackburn

    Patch 3193201 ( might do what you want, although you have to apply the patch + compile (it isn't in the stable release).

  • Martin Rehak

    Martin Rehak - 2013-10-20

    Do you plan to merge the patch into the main tree, please?

    • Steven Blackburn

      From having used this patch, I can confirm it works but I don't feel it is ready for the main branch. I specifically wanted it for audio, e.g. to play flac files from the PS3. While the patch can be configured to transcode a flac to an mp3, it does not advertise mp3 audio as a "res" when browsing... the PS3 just sees the flac streams and says the file is not supported. When I implemented some basic "advertising" of an mp3 res stream, the PS3 could find and play the files.

      This may not be such an issue for video, as the media is generally advertised by container (e.g. mp4) and so the transcoding can be used to convert codecs within that container.


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