Custom Container/Folders

  • pmassie

    pmassie - 2013-01-07

    Love minidlna, just worked! for the life of me i couldnt get music to play on my samsung tv with mediatomb.
    Quick question though. I have seen similar queries here but nothing quite the same.

    I would like to define custom containers/virtual folder structures, but am unsure how/where i would do this. For instance i have a large music collection with many electronic genres. these cds are in many cases compilations, and as such browsing via the current setup doesnt work too well. there are way too many artists under artists, and under a specific genre i simply see a huge list of artists again. So basically i would like to be able to define child containers, for example:


    I hope this makes sense.
    many thanks.

  • pasdVn

    pasdVn - 2013-01-08

    You need to modify the source code.

    As far as I understand the code, the structure depedends directly on how it is stored in the sql-database. You could have a look at scanner.c. There you can find the "sorting" to the different storage folders.
    I already removed some folders there which basically worked, but I don't know if you have some dependecies to the original structure somewhere else in the code, so that you have to some more modifications for your needs.


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