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Ming - an SWF output library / News: Recent posts

Source code moved to github

Source code of ming was moved to git:

Posted by Sandro Santilli 2010-09-17

Ming 0.4 RC2 Release

0.4 RC2 has been released to address issues found with RC1. A lot has changed since the last 0.4.0 beta release, so please test his release and report problems.

Posted by Stuart Anderson 2008-09-20

Ming 0.4.0.beta4 Release

The 0.4.0.beta4 release of Ming has been released. Ming now includes partial support for Flash 8 features (complete support coming in later releases).

Posted by Stuart Anderson 2007-03-27

Ming 0.3 Release

Ming 0.3 has been released. Go to the Files area for the downloads.

Posted by Stuart Anderson 2006-02-15

Ming 0.3.0-beta2 Release

Ming 0.3,0-beta2 has finally been released. Look for a 0.3.0 final release sometime in Feb. 2006.

Posted by Stuart Anderson 2006-01-30

Just dumped ming into CVS

Woohoo! CVS is working! Unfortunately, it won't be available for anonymous download until they get some stuff sorted..

Posted by Anonymous 2001-02-01