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2 years of MindX

Damn, I forgot the birthday of my Free Software baby again :)
It's now 2 years already (well, on September 1st to be exact), and today I'll add another developer who will hack on KaBoom.
The server will be part of GGZ eventually and the client goes into KDE.
And I have printed out an image to be transferred onto a T-Shirt, which says "MindX - Free Software Advocates".
I'll wear that on the Comtec fair in about one month.... read more

Posted by Josef Spillner 2001-10-07

One year MindX!

ooops... some seconds too late :-)
September 1st has been the birthday of MindX, which was celebrated launching the new homepage and announcing some more interested game items. The project is as active as never before. Now the game development will really start!

Posted by Josef Spillner 2000-09-13

A half year of MindX!

As time goes by! MindX is 6 months old now, but I'm still alone
here. Nautix 0.1.4 is the thing I am currently working on. Attention - with version 0.2 the Nautix project should become more public!

Posted by Josef Spillner 2000-03-01