#15 copyDependencies support


I was building an exe file for a project of mine. I can't and won't include the dependencies into the final executable so I need to copy them to the correct place. Every time I tested my program it was missing the JARs and I really hated to copy them myself to an appropriate location.

Hence I came up with copyDependencies. The attached patch adds the configuration attribute copyDependencies. If set to true it will copy all dependent jars to the specified dependency directory.

Note: It also fixes skipJSmooth not working


  • Bindul Bhowmik

    Bindul Bhowmik - 2009-03-12
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  • Bindul Bhowmik

    Bindul Bhowmik - 2009-03-12


    First off - thanks for the fix for skipJSmooth.

    Coming to the copyDependencies, the plug-in has been designed to be used along with other distribution plug-ins like maven-assembly-plugin [1] or the maven-nsis-plugin[2], which are designed to create packaged distributables. The jsmooth plugin is supposed to be focussed on generating the windows executable.

    Having said that - I am more than happy to accept the patch and add the feature to copy the libraries (and resolve them). However, if we do that I would request some modifications in the current patch. First - the dependenciesBaseDirectory is meant more to use in the the jsmooth generation as relative paths from the executable. If you want to copy the executables, I would request you add another File type parameter to select the base directory to which jars are to be copied.

    If you can please redo the patch with the changes, I would be more than happy to commit it.