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MindRaider 8.0 Released!

This major release brings full integration with MindForger, improved sharing, and localization. Thanks to the integration, you can upload your outlines on the Web and easily access them from any device. Check for http://mindraider.sourceforge.net/mindforger.html more details.

Posted by MindRaider 2011-12-07

MindRaider: 7.6 Released

MindRaider is a personal notebook and outliner. Where do you keep private remarks like ideas, plans, gift tips, mindmaps and howtos? Loads of documents and remarks spread around the file system and web? Can you find the note when you need it? No? Try Min

Bugfix release bringing several fixes and more robust imports/exports.

Posted by MindRaider 2009-03-20

MindRaider 7.5 Released

The main feature of this MindRaider release is sharing. Import and export any outline you want and share it with your colleagues or friends. In addition to that Note templates for various types of meeting and auto coaching
templates are provided. Check also new shortcuts and visual linking dialog.

Posted by MindRaider 2009-03-18

MindRaider 7.3 Released

This MindRaider release brings several new features - especially outline views (sorter and archive). MindRaider was also migrated to a new JRE version.

Posted by MindRaider 2008-12-07

MindRaider 7.1

After two years a huge MindRaider release is here: tag-based navigation and clouds, labels, sketches, incremental FTS indices, sub-pixel antialiasing, cross notebook concept linking and more...

Posted by MindRaider 2008-02-24

MindRaider 0.512 EAP

After more that 9 months here comes new and improved MR version which is released via Early Access Program. Don't hold back - try it, test it, check new features!

Posted by MindRaider 2006-02-12

MindRaider 0.511 Unleashed!

Today's MindRaider release brings internationalization support, one way Gnowsis integration, new refactoring primitives and rewritten fulltext search. Also it fixes various bugs.

Posted by MindRaider 2005-04-25

MindRaider 0.510 is Out!

Today's maintenance release fixes various bugs and brings optional antialiased/hyperbolic/FPS annotated RDF Graph rendering.

Posted by MindRaider 2005-04-05

MindRaider 0.509: URIQA & DnD release

Today was released new version of MindRaider. This release brings two major features - experimental version of URIQA browser and Drag&Drop support for Concept attachments. Also there is improved searching, Folder/Notebook refactoring and a few minor fixes.

Posted by MindRaider 2005-04-03

MindRaider 0.508 Released!

Today's maintenance release fixes various bugs and brings an installer to Windows users ;-)

Posted by MindRaider 2005-03-13

MindRaider 0.507 is Out!

Today's maintenance release fixes various bugs and brings classification of Concepts as a new feature.

Posted by MindRaider 2005-03-06

MindRaider 0.506 Released!

This major MR release brings mainly improved data model,
tight (Mozex based) TWiki integration, Lucene powered
search and a lot of UI improvements.

Posted by MindRaider 2005-03-01

MindRaider 0.502b5 is Out!

Today's maintenance release brings closer TWiki integration and fixes various bugs - change release notes for further details.

Posted by MindRaider 2005-02-13

MindRaider: OPML & TWiki export released

The last MR release brings export of notebooks to TWiki and OPML. Also it fixes bugs related to Graph navigator and streams.

Posted by MindRaider 2005-02-07

Initial MindRaider Release

The first public MindRaider release aims to introduce key features and SW style of mind mapping. Initially it includes typical outliner refactoring primitives, configurable outline rendering and search.

Posted by MindRaider 2005-01-31