seeking an obscure special character

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    I hope somebody can help. I am looking for a special character which I can only describe as a '1' directly above a '2'. I am looking to use this as a subscript. At the moment I use, for example, $ A_{1 \atop 2}$, which gives a massive gap between the '1' and the '2' - hence I am wondering whether such a character exists already. Does anybody know if it does?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The \overset and \underset commands of the amsmath package provide what you need (sort of), but you need to fiddle with the size of one of the numbers manually, so this may not scale properly in different circumstances:
      $A_{\overset{1}{\scriptscriptstyle 2}}$
      $A_{\underset{2}{\scriptscriptstyle 1}}$

      Writing a macro that combines boxes of zero widths with raisebox commands, etc., will also do what you need.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Many thanks for that - it seems to have worked quite well (a lot better than the way I was doing it before!). Thanks.


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