#2325 Bug in TeXWorks 0.4.5 r.1280 (MikTeX 2.9): HOME set incorrectly

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This bug seems to affect the MikTeX version of TeXWorks, but not the "official" one. I posted this bug report to the TeXWorks mailing list on May 9, but saw no response there.

When running a typesetting tool, TeXWorks constructs the HOME environment variable incorrectly. For example, before starting TeXWorks I have no HOME set, just HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH. (This is pretty standard in Windows 7; not sure about other versions).

When I start TeXWorks and create a fake typesetting tool that runs cmd.exe, I can type SET HOME in the console prompt, and I see this:




Notice the double backslash after C: in HOME. That's not a valid path on Windows, so my real typesetting tool (R running Sweave) fails when it can't find the user's home directory.


  • Duncan Murdoch

    Duncan Murdoch - 2014-05-23

    The double backslash disappeared in the posting! The HOME env variable appears as


  • Christian Schenk

    Thank you for the report! I have fixed this now. An update will be available soon.

  • Christian Schenk

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