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I have a large educational material that was produced 9 months ago with mtpro2 fonts and miktex 2.4. Now, needing to upgrade material again I tried to compile it with miktex 2.5 and met a yap error "invalid vector<T> subscript" when trying to view the dvi file. However, dvips produced a ps-file that seemed to be ok when view it using ghostview.


  • Christian Schenk

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    Thanks, but I need a test case...

  • KNi

    KNi - 2007-03-07

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    Below is a simple example file. After compling Yap view is OK if display option "PK fonts" is used. However, choosing the option as "Dvips" I receive "invalid vector<T> subscript".






  • Bernhard Enders

    Bernhard Enders - 2007-04-16

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    The same problem can be reproduced with a minimal LaTeX file that uses the MinionPro (tested with rc3 version) font package. The problem appears only when using the Dvips render method. All other commands (dvipdfm, dvips, ps2pdf, and pdflatex) works fine.

  • B.A.

    B.A. - 2007-05-02

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    I have exactly the same problem with Minion Pro (2.1 rc3) for about 2 weeks. Here is my minimal example (the commented \usepackage are there to easily test other fonts, which work perfectly):


    Test file for Minion Pro and dvips rendering method.


    The problem appears to be linked with dvips rendering method, not pk rendering, and in my case continuing with dvips or dvidfm gives quite normal ps or pdf files.

    Best regards,

  • Bernhard Enders

    Bernhard Enders - 2007-05-09

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    In order to avoid the "invalid vector<T> subscript" problem with the RC3 version of MinionPro fonts one has to compile the package (in a linux box or cygwin with lcdf tools, tetex, and perl installed) from the source without the "--pack" option:

    cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.minionpro.berlios.de:/cvsroot/minionpro co MinionPro
    cd MinionPro
    mkdir otf <-- copy MinionPro-*.otf fonts to this directory (comes with Adobe Reader)!!!

    After compilation one have to move all files in the MinionPro base directory to a Windows machine containing MiKTeX 2.5 or 2.6 (with the MnSymbol package installed) and use the following batch script to install the resulting (thousand) package files inside the MiKTeX environment. Remember: using:

    ./scripts/makeall --pack=./scripts/glyph-list-2.000

    triggers the "invalid vector<T> subscript" error. That's all (I hope), the MiKTeX installation batch file follows:


    @echo off

    set vendor=adobe
    set font=MinionPro

    for /F "tokens=1* delims=: " %%a in ('initexmf --report') do (
    if "%%a"=="Install" set dir=%%b
    if "%dir%" == "" goto error

    for /F "tokens=1* delims=: " %%a in ('initexmf --report') do (
    if "%%a"=="CommonData" set pk_dir=%%b\fonts\pk
    if "%pk_dir%" == "" goto error

    set enc_dir=%dir%\fonts\enc\dvips\%font%
    set map_dir=%dir%\fonts\map\dvips\%font%
    set pfb_dir=%dir%\fonts\type1\%vendor%\%font%
    set tfm_dir=%dir%\fonts\tfm\%vendor%\%font%
    set vf_dir=%dir%\fonts\vf\%vendor%\%font%
    set tex_dir=%dir%\tex\latex\%font%
    set doc_dir=%dir%\doc\latex\%font%

    mkdir "%enc_dir%" "%map_dir%" "%pfb_dir%" "%tfm_dir%" "%vf_dir%" "%tex_dir%" "%doc_dir%"

    echo Removing old files, just in case...
    del /Q/F "%pfb_dir%*.pfb"
    del /Q/F "%enc_dir%*.enc"
    del /Q/F "%map_dir%\%font%.map"
    del /Q/F "%tex_dir%*.sty"
    del /Q/F "%tex_dir%*.cfg"
    del /Q/F "%tex_dir%*.fd"
    del /Q/F "%tfm_dir%*.tfm"
    del /Q/F "%vf_dir%*.vf"

    echo Removing pk files, just in case...
    del /Q/F/S "%pk_dir%*.pk"

    echo Copying files, please wait...
    xcopy /Q/Y pfb*.pfb "%pfb_dir%"
    xcopy /Q/Y dvips*.enc "%enc_dir%"
    xcopy /Q/Y "dvips\%font%.map" "%map_dir%"
    xcopy /Q/Y tex*.sty "%tex_dir%"
    xcopy /Q/Y tex*.cfg "%tex_dir%"
    xcopy /Q/Y tex*.fd "%tex_dir%"
    xcopy /Q/Y tfm*.tfm "%tfm_dir%"
    xcopy /Q/Y vf*.vf "%vf_dir%"

    echo Now add the following lines to the opened file and save:
    echo Map %font%.map
    echo MixedMap MnSymbol.map
    initexmf --edit-config-file updmap

    initexmf --mkmaps
    initexmf --update-fndb
    initexmf --mkmaps
    goto end

    echo Could NOT determine the MiKTeX installation folder!
    goto end

    echo MiKTeX OTF font installation script.
    echo Requires at least one argument to run: the font name.
    echo Usage: install.bat MinionPro
    goto end


  • Christian Schenk


  • Christian Schenk

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    File Added: bug.zip

  • Christian Schenk

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    bug.zip is a test case which can be used to reproduce the problem.

    Using the attached test case, you can reproduce the failure as follows
    (this has been verified on two different systems with MikTeX 2.6):

    1. pltotf bug.pl bug.tfm
    2. tex bug
    3. yap bug
      (and switch to the 'dvips' render method if not already done)

    (No actual font files or map-file entries are necessary; the bug seems to
    occur at this very early stage of processing the DVI and TFM.)

    bug.pl actually is a stripped-down version of MinionPro-Regular-Base-aa.pl;
    further reduction of its size proved very difficult: When some character is
    removed (or even when the width of some character is changed (?!)), the
    message "invalid vector<T> subscript" does not show anymore. (I did not
    check each and every combination, only 3 or 4 changes.)

  • Christian Schenk

    • Status: open --> attic

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