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Mig 3.1 Released

MIG 3.1 has been released.


- Problems removing records in categories
- Not saving the coupled resources added in service template
- Adding a new thesaurus in the keywords, two reference dates are created (Dataset template)
- MIG doesn't read the srv:operatesOn element when importing a file
- Not possible to remove "Legal Restriction" items in the forms tree
- MIG 3.0 does not start in GNU/Linux environment
- When clicking on Legal Constraint Errors the user is to directed to the Legal Constraints Form... read more

Posted by SNIG 2010-07-20

Mig 3.0 Released

MIG 3.0 has been released.


Release Notes - MIG Editor - Version 3.0

** Improvement
* Change the language settings behaviour. The installation language should be asked in the installation process and the user should not be allowed to change the language in the application, after the installation.
* The installation process should create native binaries to start the application, rather than using directly the jar files. This will allow the application to work even when the .jar file association with java is broken.
* Improve the record browser in order to support subdirectories. Currently the record browser is flat and displays all the files in the records directory.
* Include new xsl stylesheet in the application/installation package.
* Use a different browser to render the record in HTML, since the current browser is very limited.
* Add a link to the MIG Profile in the Help Section
* Support additional templates (ex: Registo Nacional de Cartografia).
* Set more fields as mandatory, in order to support the INSPIRE standard.
* Change "Identification/Type of Service" to a Drop-Down List.
* Remove field "Identification/Type of Service Version".
* Add new types to the Identification/"Couple Type" list. List should be "loose", "tight", "mixed".
* Rename "Identificação/Emparelhamento" to "Identificação/Acoplamento"
* Remove field "Identificação/Recursos Acoplados/Nome da Operação"
* Remove field "Identificação/Operações/Operação/Função".
* Only allow the user to Fill section "Recursos Acoplados" when the "Acoplamento" is either "tight" or "mixed".
* Allow adding keywords directly under Identification/Keywords, without being associated with a keyword group.
* The map should display a rectangle with the selected coordenates
* Remove compilation warnings related with sun classes.
* Allow the user to create a new directory in the record browser.
* Support duplication of records to a different directory.
* Remove the "CDG" and "Saved" columns from the record browser and replace with icons.
* On Record Browser rename the node records to Repository/Repositório
* Be able to distinguish from the errors on Contacts on the different sections
* Remove the Address Bar from the HTML View.
* In "Criar novo registo" form change designation
* In the RNDG template leave keyword from INSPIRE themes blank or remove it.
* Change "Aglomerado" to "Acoplado"
* Remove option "Outra" in "Tipo de Cartografia" in the RNDG initial form.
* Add support for UNDO.
* Validate my XML files agains the ISO 19115 and ISO 19139 xsd files.
* Change several records and the same line, using some kind of multi-selection mechanism.
* Export xml stylesheets from the application.
* Export contact list to csv and xml files.
* Import records to my contact list from csv and xml files.
* Select geographic location from a graphical map
* See help about the usage of field in a tooltip.
* Go directly to the help system by pressing F1. The help system should open and going to the section related with the field where F1 was pressed.... read more

Posted by SNIG 2010-03-25

Mig Editor Version 2.2 released

Second post-production release. Check the downloads section :)

- Add support for processStep element under lineage element

Posted by SNIG 2008-01-31

Mig Editor: version 2.1 released

First post-production release. Check the downloads section :)

- Updated MD_METADATA tag attributes
- Fixed empty dataset template
- Do not leave import file attemps on disk
- Added new element to services: coupledResource
- Fixed adding responsible to citation under Identification Info
- Add suport for multiple lineages/reports per record
- Fixed several reference data files

Posted by SNIG 2008-01-24

Mig Editor: Version 2.0 released!

The MIG Editor is a geographical metadata editor that implements a subset of the 19115, 19119 and 19139 ISO formats. Basead in the Portuguese Metadata Profile and INSPIRE requirements.

Get your free copy today in the downloads section.

Posted by SNIG 2007-12-21

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