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mig project moved to a new location

As of now the mig project has moved away from sourceforge to a new location:

The old URLs of the website will redirect to the new location. For the downloads and sources there is no way (that I know of) to redirect them. Both are located on the new page, check /downloads and /sources/mig.hg. There is also a RSS feed for news and new releases available at /news.rss... read more

Posted by Boris 2015-08-29

Mig 1.5.3 released

Hello Users,

this is a small maintenance-update for Mig which includes two bugfixes and a
small new feature in case you considered the "total_images" bug that was fixed
as a feature ;-)
Please refer to the changelog below for details.

Happy updating... :-)

Source: read more

Posted by Boris 2013-05-16

Mig 1.5.2 released

Hello Users,

this is a small maintenance-update for Mig. Most of the changes are "under the
hood", no new features. The most important change is that all functions that
were deprecated with PHP 5.3 are replaced, so that Mig should work with future
versions of PHP.
Even if your are not switching to PHP 6.0 soon, please keep this in mind or it
may strike you when you switch in the far future.

The downside of this is, that it intruduces a small incompatibility for all
users using a $pathConvertRegex in index.php. Those (hopefully few) of you
have to change index.php after each update anyway, so please remember to check
the the changelog and the examples when updating.... read more

Posted by Boris 2011-08-06

New Mig project manager!

Mig users,

As I previously wrote, I have decided I can no longer support Mig. I am pleased to announce that someone has volunteered to take over the project officially. From here on, Boris Wachtmeister will be in charge of the Mig project.

Welcome, Boris!

Posted by Dan Lowe 2005-04-18


For various professional and personal reasons, I will no longer be working on Mig (not that I have worked on it much the past two years).

Anyone who wishes to take over the project is welcome to do so. I will hand over the Sourceforge project if desired.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2005-04-06

Mig 1.4.1 released

Mig 1.4.1-release is available for download.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2005-04-06

Mig 1.4.0 released

I've issued release 1.4.0 of Mig.


Future releases of Mig will require PHP 4.

As such, Mig 1.4 will remain available and won't be removed from the download servers just because newer releases show up.


Posted by Dan Lowe 2004-03-02

Mig 1.3.8 released

If Mig is called with no parameters, it will redirect to itself with
"currDir=." appended. This makes it easier to tack on more parameters
later - no need to worry about the difference between & and ?.

Added "newLang" to the template parser. This makes it trivial to add
links to your templates which switch between languages on the fly. See
the install documentation for more details.... read more

Posted by Dan Lowe 2002-10-25

Mig 1.3.7 Released

Mig 1.3.7 is available for download.

Major changes include a new dynamic language parameter in the URL parser (mig_dl), folder sorting independent of image sorting, HTML 4.0 Transitional compliance, and thumbnails generated by should in many cases now be smaller than previously.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2002-10-19

Mig 1.3.6 released

Mig 1.3.6 has been released.

Major change this release is that $randomFolderThumbs has been fixed.
It actually uses random thumbs, picked at execution time. Anyone who
depends on the old behavior using file modification times can set
$useRealRandThumbs to FALSE to get the old behavior back.

printTemplate() now attempts to recognize Windows SMB network shares.

See the changelog ( for more.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2002-09-30

Mig 1.3.5 released

Mig 1.3.5 is available for download.

NOTE: This release has seen a lot of changes to layout code. Specifically, a lot of hard-coded HTML has been removed from the PHP, and the functionality moved instead to the CSS file or template files where it belongs. Long term, this is a good thing as it gives users simpler control over layout without hacking the PHP code.

HOWEVER, when upgrading to 1.3.5 or later, from 1.3.4 or earlier, it is a good idea to use the new template files, and the new CSS file.... read more

Posted by Dan Lowe 2002-07-07

Mig 1.3.4 released

Mig 1.3.4 is available for download.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2002-06-11

Mig 1.3.3 released

Mig 1.3.3 is up. After a long wait, it can finally use thumbnails to represent folders. Check out $randomFolderThumbs. Thanks to Pawel for the original code to do this!

Posted by Dan Lowe 2002-05-27

Mig survey online

I'm starting to think that keeping $markerLabel and $markerType is more of a headache than they're worth. Coding around them is getting to be painful and is only getting worse as more thumbnail-related code finds its way into Mig. For that reason, I'd like to ditch it and use only thumbnail subdirectories (i.e. $thumbSubdir and $useThumbSubdir).

However, I have no idea how many people this would affect. For that reason I've put together a survey on the Mig site to poll users about this.
Please take a minute to fill out the survey.... read more

Posted by Dan Lowe 2002-05-27

Mig 1.3.2 Released

Mig 1.3.2 has been released. There are a lot of changes, so MAKE SURE to read the changelog, and the install document.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2002-05-21

Mig 1.3.1 REVOKED

I've revoked Mig 1.3.1 - it has a flaw (in the documentation, really) that might cause PHP-Nuke users to screw up their PHP-Nuke site...

Mig 1.3.2 is close to being ready so I'm not going to fix 1.3.1, I'll just release 1.3.2 shortly to replace it.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2002-05-21

Mig 1.3.1 released

Mig 1.3.1 is out.

NOTE: in this version, mig.cfg was changed to config.php. Please make sure you end up with config.php, not mig.cfg, after installing 1.3.1.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2002-05-07

Mig 1.3.0 released

Mig 1.3.0 is available for download.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2002-04-23

New Developer

I've added Marius Scurtescu as a developer. Hopefully he'll have some interesting code to submit in the future. Keep in mind that Marius, like me, also has to work for a living, so don't expect 24-hour turnaround on things requested from either one of us. Thanks!

Posted by Dan Lowe 2002-03-03

Development stalled

Due to work and other commitments I'm on something of a hiatus from Mig development at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2001-10-05

Mig 1.2.9 released

Mig 1.2.9 is available in the download area.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2001-08-16

Upload of 1.2.9 botched

I'm not sure why but the 1.2.9 release has no
files attached to it. I'll have to figure out
what I did wrong, but for now, just ignore 1.2.9.


Posted by Dan Lowe 2001-08-16

Mig 1.2.8 released

Mig 1.2.8 has been released. Sorry about
the wait - I've been quite tied up recently.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2001-06-29

Mig 1.2.7p1 released

1.2.7 had a rather annoying bug which caused images to show up as folders. 1.2.7p1 fixes that.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2001-04-15

Mig 1.2.7 released

Danish translation added, #include now works with PHP files, reduced file i/o by having parsed only once per iteration.

Posted by Dan Lowe 2001-04-15

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