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CVS restructured for IDE development

The CVS repository has been restructured in an attempt to adapt to the source directory structure expected by a Java IDE.

Project files for the Eclipse Java IDE have been checked in to CVS along with an updated README explaining how to set up the build environment on both Linux and Windows (perhaps even Mac OSX, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX).

The next source package release will be similarly restructured.

Posted by Roar Lauritzsen 2006-11-09

Developer invitation

I invite you all to participate in the development effort of this project. However, I won't make anyone who asks a developer right away. First I would like you to be able to compile the application and run the resulting program on your own phone*). Then you actually need to fix a bug or make one of the improvements that you eagerly want. You may coordinate with me beforehand if you don't know what needs to be done. Then you send the modified code to me, and if I don't totally disapprove I will make you a developer.... read more

Posted by Roar Lauritzsen 2005-04-07

CVS now available

I have just moved the MIDP Calculator CVS repository to SourceForge and it is now open for anonymous download by anyone.

Posted by Roar Lauritzsen 2005-04-06