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...yet another MIDI player...

This tool (and writing it) helped me to understand how music functions.

I have put this little project under GPL so maybe others can profit from it. The metronome is especially usefull to play with and maybe learn about the length of notes.
Java programmers can here find a few useful examples on how to use MIDI in Java - I did not find much (understandable) about it on the web when I wrote this GUI in 2009.
This project would not have been possible without Prof. Wei in Tuebingen (Snowmans Dream) who showed me as a musical analphabet to play the piano in just two days back in 2009 - without his teaching I would never have never started this application -, without the Gervill project and of course without so many good MIDI files out there for everybody; I have packed some of them into the current distribution.... read more

Posted by gergang 2012-01-15