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Middlesim No Longer Developed

Due to a lack of time, Middlesim is no longer under any sort of development (neither active, nor maintenance). If anyone wants to take over the codebase, they are more than welcome.

That said, in a recent move, Calytrix Technologies have announced that they will provide free access to SIMplicity Online to anyone who is using the Portico open source RTI. SIMplicity has been the focus of a lot of work and is vastly more mature than Middlesim. I would suggest people consider using SIMplicity in place of Middlesim (disclaimer: I work for Calytrix).... read more

Posted by Tim Pokorny 2007-12-21

Middlesim Supporting Portico

I have just updated Middlesim to v0.1.5. This version adds support for Portico (http://porticoproject.org) and removes any support for jaRTI. There have been no external API changes, so all old middlesim federates should still work.

Posted by Tim Pokorny 2007-08-15

Middlesim switched to CDDL

Middlesim (along with all labs projects) has switched from the LGPL to the CDDL. For more information on the reason for this change, see <a href="http://wiki.littlebluefroglabs.com/index.php?title=The_CDDL">here</a>.

A new release has been added to separate it from older revisions covered by the LGPL. Middlesim-0.1.4 is now available for download.

Posted by Tim Pokorny 2006-10-13

Middlesim v0.1.2 Released

Middlesim v0.1.2 has now been released. This contains changes to the jaRTI binding to cope with the updates made in jaRTI v0.6.

NOTE: This version REQUIRES at least jaRTI v0.6 to work. All Middlesim versions from now on will not work with anything less than jaRTI v0.6

Posted by Tim Pokorny 2006-08-26

Middlesim v0.1.1 Released

I've just uploaded the first sourceforge release of Middlesim v0.1.1. This release contains some bug fixes from v0.1 and now that jaRTI has been released, you can run it with more than just DMSO. Remember, if you haven't yet, sign up to the mailing list!

Posted by Tim Pokorny 2006-06-06

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