#89 Ticker behavior differs from real phone, Sun emulator

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I coded up a little Ticker example in Hecl, that updates the ticker's text every second or so. On microemulator, it works pretty well, and continues scrolling when the ticker is updated. On my phone (Nokia 6120) and on Sun's emulator, however, the scroll restarts from the right hand side of the screen. Microemulator should probably emulate that behavior more closely.

Here's a live example:



  • Bartek Teodorczyk

    What's a rationale to change the MicroEmulator default ticker behavior except the similarity to other implementations. I read the MIDP spec carefully about the Ticker and it seems that both ways are accepted. In my opinion MicroEmulator fits even better. But I'm open for the discussion since there might be other reasons that I'm not aware of it yet.

  • David N. Welton

    David N. Welton - 2008-10-31

    Well, the first step might be to investigate and see what other phones do, because if there is no agreement there, then it would be useless to change microemulator.

    If, however, phones all behave a certain way, then microemulator ought to, well, emulate them as much as possible, no? I actually prefer how microemulator does it, smoothly updating the text, but if you depend on that behavior in a real phone, then you will be out of luck.

  • Bartek Teodorczyk

    OK, I can see the point trying to emulate real phone behavior. One of the MicroEmulator use case is to assist in midlet development when target is always a real device. Here, are actions that I suggest:
    1. Check how other devices implement that.
    2. When 1. shows majority of devices are similar to the 6120 in scrolling Ticker, introduce switch in Ticker class to select desired scrolling characteristics with 6120 being as default.

  • David N. Welton

    David N. Welton - 2008-11-17

    A Hecl user reports:

    "I tested your example on a Sony Ericsson K750i and it doesn't reset when the text is updated."


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