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Round 2 complete

Ok, mutils should now be more-or-less complete. Thread-unsafe functions are being fixed or eliminated. 64-bit calls will likely be added in future. Most of the redundant code has gone, but there is some still in there. Emphasis can now switch back to getting lots of new hash functions for people to play with.

Posted by Jonathan Day 2006-06-25

MHash - Round 1 of cleanup complete

The first round of code cleanup and code speedup has been complete. Duplicate functions have been eliminated, type ranges are stricter, sanity checks have been added and a few (relatively minor) optimizations have been made.

MHash now supports two numbering schemes for selecting hashes. The first is the standard scheme that has always been used. The second is a heirarchical scheme that - if it proves interesting - will be proposed to other crypto library writers as an interoperable convention.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Day 2006-03-16

MHash Update

New hashing functions - most notably Whirlpool, and the remainder of the SHA functions - have been added, along with RIPEMD.

Documentation is lacking, but efforts to fix this are underway.

There are only a few strong hashing functions not yet implemented in MHash. The addition of at least some of those, plus the docs and some code auditing will bring the version to 1.0.0. Examples include Cellhash, Parallel FFT-Hash and Subhash.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Day 2004-04-21