#466 Improve signature handling

Bill Wohler

I have to say that I agree with Pete. I often find that the signature has been appended *after* an attachment, which means that the recipient will get the signature in its own attachment. It would be better to ensure that the signature appears in the first text body part.

Note that if inline attachments fall within the first text body part, then signatures should follow any text that follows that inline attachments, however.

To: mh-e-users at lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: Re: Adding signatures to mail
X-Mailer: MH-E 8.0.3+cvs; nmh 1.2; GNU Emacs 23.0.60
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 09:55:42 +0100
From: Pete Phillips <pete at smtl.co.uk>
Message-ID: <29234.1213952142@localhost>

>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Wohler <wohler at newt.com> writes:

>> Both mail and message by default put the signature at the end of
>> the buffer, rather than at point. Would you consider changing
>> mh-insert-signature to default to putting the text at the end of
>> the buffer? (mail-signature and message-insert-signature differ
>> in that with mail-signature, point is unaffected by adding the
>> signature, which seems preferrable to moving it to after the
>> sig.)

Bill> message is used by Gnus, right? That's interesting. A couple
Bill> of gotchas with that change is that if you've inserted some
Bill> attachments, you might prefer to have the signature in the
Bill> current text part rather than creating a separate text part at
Bill> the end that only contains your signature.

I find signatures that come out as separate attachments *intensely*
annoying (nearly as bad as people who write an email in M$word and then
send that as an attachment!). :-)

I would not want to see the default location of the signature changed
from point, but would be happy if you could add a variable which allowed
this as an option to stick it at the end of the buffer.



  • Bill Wohler

    Bill Wohler - 2011-12-27

    Try forwarding a message (in MIME mode). Note that the signature appears after the forwarded message. The signature should definitely be before the forwarded message(s).

  • Bill Wohler

    Bill Wohler - 2011-12-27
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Bill Wohler

    Bill Wohler - 2013-02-23
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  • Bill Wohler

    Bill Wohler - 2013-02-23

    Ticket moved from /p/mh-e/feature-requests/159/

  • Bill Wohler

    Bill Wohler - 2013-02-23
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