#465 Extract aliases from BBDB

Bill Wohler

While Palm is dead, and existing units continues to shrink, being able to pull aliases from BBDB might still be useful.

If you use BBDB, please provide requirements by which MH-E could take advantage of it. Note that extracting aliases into the aliases file will make them visible to vanilla MH as well.

From: Henrik Frisk <henrik.frisk at mhm.lu.se>
To: mh-e-users at lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: Re: aliases and PDA databases (was: mh-compose-prompt-flag question)
X-Mailer: MH-E 8.0.3; nmh 1.2-20070115cvs; GNU Emacs 22.1.1
Organization: Malmö Academy of Music
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 12:25:10 +0200
Message-ID: <17001.1209378310@henrikfrisk.com>

> > I'm trying to get my address books sorted out (or rather my usage of
> > them) and find an efficient way to deal with aliases and groups
> > without having to duplicate information. Right now I'm trying
> > mail-abbrevs.el with bbdb but any suggestions are welcome.
> Henrik,
> Same here. On my list of things to do is to avoid duplicating email
> addresses in my MH alias file and my Palm address book. My guess is that
> BBDB is involved and the the missing link is a conduit between the Palm
> database and BBDB. If any of you out there have solutions or even ideas
> for this problem, let's discuss! Getting aliases to and from the BBDB
> will help out Henrik too.
I'm not using Palm anymore (unfortunately I might add, because my address book has been a mess ever since I gave it up :-/) but I'm guessing you know about http://syncbbdb2.sourceforge.net/. Just as you are saying, it's the issue of syncing BBDB aliases, and I'm not sure syncbbdb will do that. Further I seem to remember reading somewhere it isn't maintained.



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