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Bill Wohler

From: "d.henman" <dhenman at gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 21:05:49 +0900
To: <mh-e-users at lists.sourceforge.net>
Subject: Re: minor questions
X-Mailer: MH-E 8.0.3+cvs; GNU Mailutils 1.9.90; GNU Emacs 23.0.50
Message-ID: <20080409210549.1664@blackhawk>

Bill Wohler <wohler at newt.com> wrote:
> Greg Minshall <minshall at acm.org> wrote:
> > 1. how can i make it such that when i "F v", i see *all* of, e.g.,
> > +inbox, not just the unread +inbox/select?
> C-u F v

I've been using 'F r' to re-scan the folder. I suppose this does the same

as C-u F v

What I want is a way to jump to a specific digest message, such as
D n for up to the 9th message and possible. No CR needed for single digit
C-u nn D to go to the nth digest msg.

Reason. I don't like having to do
for example to get the a digest'S 7th message.

I haven't designed this yet, but thought I would bring it up. In a similar manner I keep saying to myself that I need to create similare function for burst. I.e., only burst out a singular or range of digest messages. The keying would be simliar to t
he above for displaying a single msg, but extend to ranges for bursting. For me this would be very usefull.


From: "d.henman" <dhenman at gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 10:09:27 +0900
To: <mh-e-users at lists.sourceforge.net>
Subject: Re: Hello (mail digests)
X-Mailer: MH-E 8.0.3+cvs; GNU Mailutils 1.9.90; GNU Emacs 23.0.50
Message-ID: <20080417100927.2944@blackhawk>

Below I give my considered opinion of MH's digest operatons, and a proposal
for a much productive and efficient use of them, with only three additional

Re: > > Xavier Maillard <xma at gnu.org> wrote:
> > .....
> > ..
> > 3. How can I answer a message *directly* from a digest message
> > -i.e. without having to burst it first ?
Bill Said > Bursting is the way to go.
> http://mh-e.sourceforge.net/manual/mh-e.html#Digests

I do use disgests. And unfortunately MH's and by the way MH-E's functionaly for handling digests in very crude.

Take for example the above method.
(1) you have to burst a whole digest of say from 10 to 20 or so messages into your
mail folder.
(2) Find the message in there that you wanted to respond to, bring it up and
(3) respond to it.

(4) Then you either have to manually, erase all the irrelavant msgs that
were also bursted out, or just let them clog up your mail folder.

As a result I envision a future for MH-E that would handle digests more efficiently.

For example I would like to see the following "Henman" recommendations for easy and
efficient digest message reading and processing implemented.
- burst or extract operation that would extract a specific digest msg or range.

D b <msg#> | 'all' | <msg-range>
or B <msg#> | 'all' | <msg-range>

And for viewing a specific message in a digest, a goto msg in digest function
Rather than repeated D <SPC> s I would like to see

D g <msg#> D g 0 this is a zero it takes you to the top of the digest,.
or G <msg#>

And for responding to a certain msg in a digest..

D r <msg#>
or R <msg#>

or some other intuitive, yet easy to key command sequences.

In summary, additional digest functions desired (by me as a digest user) are:

digest-burst <msg#> | 'all' | <msg-range>
digest-goto <msg#>
digest-respond <msg#>

The specific command key sequence can be worked out.

I need to read up on Gnu's MH program "burst", to see if it allows randge or not.
I am not familar with nmh's burst program.

Even if neither has a range function for example you only want a few messages extracted from a digest, it should be possible (expensive but) to burst all to a temp dir and then if order is preserved pick the digest msg of number # out,.

With this functionality, the usage of digests would propable increase a lot. Right now it is a pain to responsd to or extract or goto a specific message, in my opinion.

I'd like to here comments on this proposal for new digest features.

darel henman


p.s. Also if MH-E doesn't have it introduce a variable for digest message seperator character,if characters other then '-' are premitted, and a variable telling how many times it must be repeated in order to be recognized as a msg delimiter. The reason
is I find that burst, at least Gnu Mailutils MH burst will produce, understandably bizarre extraction of messages from a digest (for example and emacs list digest) which contains patches (these frequently contain a series of 3 '-'s). I should think that
nmh's burst would behave the same. To solve this I specify a larger sequence of hyphens to delinate messages. Also note that the common end of message before signature is two hyphens, i.e., "--" this alow will/can confuse burst.

From: Greg Minshall <minshall at acm.org>
To: "d.henman" <dhenman at gmail.com>
Subject: Re: Hello (mail digests)
X-Mailer: MH-E 8.0.3; nmh 1.2; GNU Emacs 22.1.1
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 08:08:30 -0700
Cc: mh-e-users at lists.sourceforge.net
Message-ID: <73276.1208444910@gregair>

so, for me, i use digest to cut down on number of incoming e-mails,
mainly when i'm using my cell phone. but, i'd be happy if digest
e-mails were burst as they were put into their folder (and, from then
on, treated as normal e-mail messages).


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