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MeV 0.8.1 Alpha 2 released

After not really being loud about the 0.8.1 Alpha 1 release, this is a release of the 0.8.1 branch that is publically announced and features many usability improvements and bug fixes over the first alpha version.

Posted by Christopher Lenz 2001-01-27

MeV 0.8.1 Alpha 1 released

Finally, after a long delay, we are making a new version of MeV available. It contains many small improvements and fixes to the user interface and an experimental SMF import/export plugin. Most importantly, but not visible for the user, many changes have been done to the backend, we are slowly getting closer to the declared goal of creating a media-agnostic framework for time-based media authoring.... read more

Posted by Christopher Lenz 2000-12-20

MeV 0.8.0 Alpha 2 released

MeV 0.8.0 Alpha 2 is now available for download. As announced, it fixes the serious bug with messed up note durations on playback and some more:
- muting of parts implemented
- disabled nesting of parts within themselves
- vertical mouse position info implemented
- better tempo control and time indicator in the transport window
- added 2 example songs
- other minor bug fixes

Overall, this release should be more stable than the last, so updating is highly recommended.

Posted by Christopher Lenz 2000-08-20

MeV 0.8.0 Alpha 1 released

A preview version of MeV, the open-source MIDI sequencer for BeOS, has been released. The primary intention for this release is to get valuable early feedback on the overall design and architecture of the application.

It is possible to use MeV now in a limited fashion. You can create music by drawing and editing MIDI notes and performance parameters. We will soon be adding necessary features such as the ability to record MIDI data and import/export standard MIDI files.... read more

Posted by Christopher Lenz 2000-08-16