#38 A simple way to invoke metrics calculation for a resource


Patch attached. The patch adds static method
calculateMetrics to MetricsBuilder, which synchronously
(re)calculates metrics for a resource and returns
corresponding AbstractMetricSource.

This method is useful in case when the metrics need to
be computed programatically. Works also without using
the project nature. Maybe this could be useful from an
alternative Ant task too.

In fact, when going further in this request, it suggests
clearly separating Metrics to two components (plugins),
one of which would serve as a reusable engine,
contained the computation framework, metric extension
points and the cache and the other would add the UI,
visuals and maybe also the builder/nature.

BTW - one thing I haven't mentioned about Metrics yet -
great product, great work! Really many thanks for it.


  • Ondrej Chylik

    Ondrej Chylik - 2004-05-06

    Patch for MetricsBuilder.java fulfilling the feature request

  • Frank Sauer

    Frank Sauer - 2004-05-07
    • assigned_to: nobody --> sauerf
  • Frank Sauer

    Frank Sauer - 2004-05-07

    Logged In: YES

    Those are excellent ideas and they have crossed my mind.
    Unfortunately I'v been really swamped with the paying day
    job... :-( Would you be willing to help? You're one of the few
    people who not only report problems but also suggest and
    even provide solutions. Many thanks for that!

  • Ondrej Chylik

    Ondrej Chylik - 2004-05-07

    Logged In: YES

    Unfortunately I'm not able to contribute more than I currently
    do. I would love to do so, but I'm limited by a full-time job as


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