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Release 0.13: features, defect fixes

Sort attribute for fields.
Select-if sub-element for fields.
From-docs can have fields.
Defect fixes.
Use-sql element in schema.

Posted by martin 2007-11-01

Release 0.12 better document handling

Webpage-with-comments example is now being used for

Restructured schema file so that all references to document now use a new from-doc element.

Defects corrected, better documentation, refactoring.

New utility to pretty-print schema files.

Posted by martin 2007-10-24

Release 0.11: 'self-hosting'

This version is now being used to host using the example found in examples/commentpage in the distribution.

The framework now includes administration options to configure the application on the webserver (notably, to work with mod_rewrite).

Posted by martin 2007-10-15

Release 0.10: better example, enhancements, fixes.

There is now a better example in the examples/commentpage directory. This provides a simple web page with comments. It also has a user name (register/login) page.

There are also extra enhancements and defect fixes required to support the example.

Posted by martin 2007-10-05

Release 0.09: audit trails, bug fixes, new field types

This is another bug fix and feature enhancement release, including support for audit trails. It also fixes several important defacts, and extends the range of field types, for example the list of values in a drop-down list can now be updated at run time.

Posted by martin 2007-09-19

Release 0.08 now Alpha

Methodsupport with release 0.08 now has enough features to be worth looking at, so I have upgraded it to Alpha.

Methodsupport is a system for quickly producing process support web sites. It simplifies the process by requiring the administrator to just provide a "schema" file describing the forms and the workflow that define the process. The administrator can then generate the entire webiste by running a single command line.

Posted by martin 2007-09-14

Release 0.07 better HTML output

Release 0.07 is a further enhancement release that provides more control over the generated HTML. It also includes substantial refactoring of the code, various bug fixes and minor enhancements. The code is almost ready for alpha status.

Posted by martin 2007-09-13

Release 0.06 more (derived documents)

Release 0.06
Derived subdocuments, now working albeit badly
Read only documents.

Posted by martin 2007-09-05

Release 0.05 more features and bug fixes

Still working through the feature list, and getting near to a (barely) usable system. Also fixed some defects.

Posted by martin 2007-08-30

Release 0.04 incremental features and fixes

Another release implementing some features from the list.

Posted by martin 2007-08-27

Release 0.03 incremental feature release

Added several more features from the to-do list.

Posted by martin 2007-08-23

Release 0.02 minor coding and documentation enhancements

I am working through the list of remaining features which is now in the 'to do' pages (see the web site).

Posted by martin 2007-08-21

Release 0.01

Release 0.01 is available, either as a tarball for download or from Subversion.

This release is intended to give a general idea of what the project is about and how it works technically. It does not have enough features to be useful for any real purpose.

Posted by martin 2007-08-19

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