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Metamod 1.20 released

Metamod 1.20 has been released


2013-02-16 1.20

- Changed loading of Linux game dll to first try to find the dll under
known name with the last '_*' part stripped out. Falls back to the
old known name if a file with the stripped name is not found.
- Added Mod support for Half-Life 1.5: Weapon Edition version
- Added additional entities for Stargate TC 1.0g.


New versions of HalfLife do not use '_i386' in the names of the Linux
game dll anymore. The HalfLife engine strips anything after an
underscore from the dll name found in the liblist.gam file. That means
that it will look for, even if the liblist.gam file lists
Unlike Metamod, the engine will not fall back to the old name and will
fail to load Metamod if it can not be found under
Therefore we added a symbolic link to the tarball. When you unpack the
tarball to your dlls directory you will get a link of name
to, so that engine loading keeps working with the new
and old engines.
Should you install/update your Metamod dll by hand, you will need to
make sure that a newer engine can find the dll under,
either by renaming the file or by creating a link to it.
This does only apply to Linux. The Windows file is still called

Posted by Florian Zschocke 2013-02-16