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"Help Wanted" with threading support.

I need to make better use of threads, and also use _beginthread and the like instead of CreateThread. Also, general thread related code cleanup is required.

Posted by Dhruv Matani 2004-01-31

First upload of MemBoost in C++.

First checkin for the C++ code based MemBoost RAM Optimizer.

Posted by Dhruv Matani 2004-01-31

Version 2 source released.

The MemBoost V2 source code just released. Fully re-coded by Massimo (ultimo). This is in very much early alpha stage. All help will be appreciated.

Posted by Dhruv Matani 2002-11-01

New version on MemBoost

Release new version of memboost, this release is in beta testing

Posted by Massimo 2002-10-19

Fixed Auto Update Bug.

Massimo fixed Bug which was causing MemBoost to show up a blue screen randomly when trying to Auto Update. Error checking mechanism was flawed. Fixed.

Posted by Dhruv Matani 2002-10-05

Auto Update Feature added.

An Auto Update Feature added to v1.2.1.35 of MemBoost. You can just Click on 'Update MemBoost' to get the latest version of MemBoost.

Posted by Dhruv Matani 2002-09-04

First release of MemBoost

Hello, fellow developers!!! MemBoost has just been releases. MemBoost is a memory optimizer for the Windows platform. It can automatically free up a certain amount of memory, or let users to manually free up RAM.

Posted by Dhruv Matani 2002-09-01