#775 Support "Å Ä Ö" Characters


Currently it seems it doesn't support it.
Meaning if i input an Avisynth which has a filename with those characters in Avisource for example, it will fail as it's not able to find the file.

Would be great if it could be supported, they are pretty frequent in my language, and a bit of an obstacle at times.

My Thanks!


  • Radikal Den store

    I thought first that this was an issue with Avisynth, but AvsPmod supports "Å Ä Ö" and it works just fine, and i asked on Doom9, and they told me to support ticket here.

    Not really sure what must be done, but i guess it's just adding support for Unicode or something, you probably know what to do.

  • Radikal Den store

    This should actually be changed to "Support for Unicode - UTF" encoded scripts.

  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2014-08-06
    • status: open --> pending
  • Zathor

    Zathor - 2014-08-06

    If I understand it correctly in http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=170825 the problem is solved when you convert your input file, correct?


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