#333 Corrected basic infantry intro dates


I was wondering about the dates for all the base infantry units (mech. flamer, mot. srm, jump mg, foot rifle, etc.). They all have intro dates of 3025-3050. Now obviously foot rifle platoons have been around for a long time, same with flamer, mg, and srm. Jump, mech, and motorized have been around since at least WWII (obviously without lasers). But the problem occurs when playing in the early succession wars periods and filtering lists by the date you are playing, all of a sudden there are no infantry because of the intro dates. In the case of MekHQ when playing in the earlier years, you cannot purchase even basic infantry. I can understand these intro dates for the Clans perhaps but not the IS. I have changed the dates in my own files but thought maybe these should be changed for future versions of MM and MekHQ as well.
Thought this might help: P. 287 of the Tech Manual says that all infantry are either pre-space flight or early space flight. It then defines pre-space flight as before 1950 and early space flight as 1950-2200. Hopefully this will help.
I am including my updated infantry files for inclusion in the next release (hopefully).
NOTE: The ONLY change to these units is the intro date to correspond with the rules in Tech Manual.


  • Michael

    Michael - 2012-01-21

    My updated infantry intro date files

  • Sebastian Brocks

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