#147 HighExplosive 3025 Map Pack (~250 boards)


HighExplosive.net 3025 Campaign Map Pack



This pack includes some 250 board files, sorted by
predominant terrain type, designed for use with the third
edition of the HighExplosive.net campaign. The majority
of these boards are based on existing designs by various
authors (see Acknowledgements below), although most
have been heavily modified.


-To Install:
Simply unpack this file in the 'data' subfolder within the
main MegaMek directory.

-To Play:
Except for the five major capitals (Atreus, Avalon,
Luthien, Tharkad, Sian) and the Solaris maps, the boards
are designed to be used in pairs. Each pair has the same
terrain code, pair number, and title - what sets them
apart is the position tag at the end. This tag determines
how the boards are placed relative to each other; if in a
given pair the boards are marked (W) and (E), they will
be placed in a 2x1 arrangement, in the West and East
positions respectively. Conversely, if the boards are
marked (N) and (S), the arrangement will be 1x2, and
the positions will be North and South.

The terrain categories are the following:

(A) Water (rivers, lakes, swamps)
(B) Woods (woodlands, forests and jungles)
(C) Hills (mixed, but gentle, terrain)
(D) Desert (virtually all clear terrain)
(K) Craters (in hilly, frozen, and lunar terrains)
(L) Plains (virtually no elevation changes)
(M) Mountains (great elevation changes)
(U) Urban (commercial, industrial, residential)
(X) Unsupported (i.e. contains buildings)


-Many more maps added, especially for Solaris
-Most maps heavily modified
-Re-classified maps
-Building-containing maps separated
-Added temperature ratings for each map


-Adler (atreus@highexplosive.net); for Colosseum, The
Jungle, Boreal Reach, some of the Urban maps and
lots of help with just about everything.
-Trent_pH (capitangeneral@highexplosive.net) for New
Avalon and Atreus
-Kineas (crm@highexplosive.net) for his help with the
21x19 Solaris maps
-keoughan for King of the Hill and The Mud Pit
-carpe_mortis for Ishiyama and Carpe's Map Set 1
-vestifex for the Tallassia Map Set
-grfx_slade for his Auxiliary Board Set
-xsurrealx for his Cratered Highway map
-amechwarrior for his 25 Custom Maps
-Suvarov and the rest of the devs for their awesome
work on MM - keep it up guys!


  • Kurt Aronnax Kajal

    Logged In: YES

    Bloody great, the file was a few kb over the limit. Have
    removed the unsupported lot, might upload it separately in
    the future.


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