#28 Game starts playing very rapidly on Mac OS X 10.7

David Allen

Sometimes in a single player game -- usually on a large map, at least 3 (CPU) opponents, and during a "busy" time (many units visible / fighting) -- the game will start playing very rapidly, and there is no way to stop this. It becomes unplayable, unless I use the pause feature every few seconds.

Unfortunately, I can't trigger the bug reliably, although the three criteria above seem to do it. It appears related to the load being placed on the computer. This hasn't happened to me in a network game.

I haven't tested this on Mac OS X 10.8, so I don't know if the bug can be triggered there.


  • Mark Vejvoda

    Mark Vejvoda - 2013-03-24

    If possible could you try to compile svn head and let us know if this same problem exists?

  • steve steiner

    steve steiner - 2013-03-24

    I have had this same issue.

    While I'd love to "compile svn head", I don't know that instructions for building on OS X have ever been created and the default tool chain is apparently 'broken' according to the maintainer of the OS X build.


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